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Readers Respond: How Did You Get Rid of Your Hard to Sell Old Furniture?

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When trying to get rid of the clutter in your garage, you sometimes find no takers for certain hard to sell pieces of old furniture.

It happens to everyone. It could be a chair that needs reupholstering, or a custom made piece of furniture that's seen better days and is either too big or too small for others to use. At some time or the other, we've all had to get rid of furniture that seems determined to follow us around to the end of our days.

My question to you is: have you ever tried to get rid of some hard to sell old furniture? Were you able to find any takers, even for free? How did you do it?

Sold it to liquidators

I wish I would have donated it, but then I work for an office liquidator company. So what I did was sold my furniture to them. what I did made my pocket full, but helping could have made me felt better. John Editorial Coordinator Arnold's Office Furniture
—Guest John Coupe

about old furniture

sometimes , i will throw away the old furnitrue because i have no other ideas about selling them.

Donated to Charity

I donated my oversized desk to charity. Nobody else seemed to want it, it sat through two garage sales! But the St. Vincent DePaul people came and took it off my hands.

Donated it to the Local Theater

My wingchair was so worn it had filling coming out of it - the fabric tore in the back section of the seat. I'd bought it used at a thrift store and liked it because of its color. Even then the seat was uneven, kind of tilting to one side. Maybe the filling had shifted! I tried to sell it a couple of times, but no one seemed to want to pay for it. A friend suggested I give it to our local community theater. She volunteers there and she was sure they would be able to use it. They took it and gave me a tax receipt for it.
—Guest Nima

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