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Readers Respond: Creative Ways of Re-purposing Furniture

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From the article: Re-purposing Furniture
Creatively re-purposing old furniture can give it a new lease on life. Have you ever taken a piece of furniture and given it a new use? Share your creative ideas with the rest of us!

Entertainment Armoires

My company, www.furnitureconsignment.com, is struggling to serve our customers who have Entertainmnet Armoires and are looking to sell them. Due to the advent of the modern televsion, these once fantastic pieces of furniture are no longer necessary and a big headache for our customers who want them out of their home. It is one of the great tragedies of the furniture industry. We have suggested options to ourt clients, but would be interested to hear of anyone else who has had success in re-purposing these pieces.
—Guest Jay


I found an old lab counter that was once used in a school house and turned it into an island for my kitchen. My husband made a new butcher block counter top for it and I used some scraps to create a basket weave design inside the doors. It really turned out great.
—Guest Carolyn

Desk Hutch

My crappy computer desk broke when I moved. I removed the hutch to put it in the closet for holding my wife's shoes. I don't know what to do with the rest of it.
—Guest Ed

window frame mirror

I didn't use a piece of furniture, but used a window frame to frame a mirror. I know, nothing original, but it looks really nice. I hung it in the dining room. I needed some light there, and a regular mirror was too distracting. We used a window frame and a mirror, both for free from Craigslist. We had to wait a bit for somebody to post the mirror. The frame shop cut the mirror to size and framed it.

TV Stand Window Seat

I turned an old oak TV stand into a "window seat." It is about 18 inches high and 65 inches wide, and it was sitting in my house when I first moved in. It was too ugly to use as a TV stand, so I painted it black and removed the casters. I got some fabric from Ikea for the seat and it looks great.

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