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Furniture: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What are the Standard Measurements for a Dining...
While dining tables come in many styles, most are sized according to standard measurements. Take a look at these to help you pick the best dining table for your space.
Use These Standard Furniture Measurements to...
Use these standard measurements for the most commonly used pieces of furniture as a rough guide to help you figure out what you can fit in a room.
8 Ways to Get Rid of an Old Sofa
It is possible to get rid of an old sofa, and there are several different ways to get rid of one. Consider all these alternatives before even thinking of abandoning it or sending to the landfill.
2015 Black Friday Furniture Deals
Black Friday is a great day for finding great deals on everything including furniture and home accessories. You can check out some of these furniture deals right here.
5 Steps to Get the Most Money for Your Used...
Are you looking to sell used furniture that has outlived its usefulness to you? Here are some helpful tips.
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Sofa
These common errors when buying a sofa can prove costly. Make sure you don't make these mistakes if you don't want to end up paying more than you bargained for.
Major Furniture Sales Events
There are a few different major furniture sales events throughout the year. Find what to buy and when to buy it.
Get a Quick Primer on Ashley Furniture
This review of Ashley Furniture looks at the furniture they carry, with information on what to expect to pay and how to locate their stores.
What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying IKEA...
If you are looking for modern, affordable furniture to furnish your apartment or first home, IKEA may be a good match. Find out what is great about the brand, and what is not so great.
5 Things You Can Do Today to Update Your Home
Every home needs an update every now and then. These makeovers give you a sense of renewal making everything seem fresh and new.
4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a...
Are you shopping for a sleeper sofa? Here are some things you need to know before you buy one.
4 Tips for Choosing the Best Upholstery Fabric...
Choosing upholstery fabric is possibly the most enjoyable part of furniture shopping. Here are four helpful considerations to help you select the right fabric.
Top 10 Furniture Retailers
Take a look at the top 10 furniture retailers in the United States. They come in all sizes, with different price points and types of merchandise.
A Review and Background of La-Z-Boy Furniture
A review of La-Z-Boy Furniture.
How to Judge the Quality of a Sofa
Ever wonder how to judge a sofa for quality? It's what's on the inside more than just the looks.
How to Measure a Sofa, And Why You Need to Do It
It is important to measure a sofa before you buy it. There are chances you could be doing it all wrong, so here are the instructions.
Choosing the Right Reclining Chairs for Your Home
Choosing the right recliner is important because a recliner can be the most comfortable chair in your house.
All About Thomasville Furniture
Thomasville Furniture is one of the oldest and best known furniture brands in the US.
How to Price Your Used Furniture
Having trouble pricing your used furniture? Find a lot of tips to help you price your furniture based on its quality and style.
How to Judge the Quality of Wood Furniture
How do you check wood furniture for quality? Here is some helpful information.
7 Popular Types of Chairs
There are so many different kinds of chairs. take a look at some of them.
Talking With Dr. David About Recliners and Back...
Dr. David thinks recliners are good for back health.
2 Best Upholstery Choices for Cat and Dog Owners
Remember to factor in your pets when you go upholstery shopping. Not all upholstery will work when you are a cat or dog owner, and these two work better than most others.
8 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Sofa
A sofa is one of the most important purchases for your home, whether you like to entertain, or just to kick back and relax. Here are tips to make that purchase easier.
How Often Should You Replace a Mattress?
Is there any truth to the statement that mattresses should be changed every 10 years? Maybe. The real answer depends on the type of mattress you have, its quality, and how it has been used. Find some guidelines here.
3 Different Types of Leather Used in Furniture
There are mainly 3 different types of leather used for furniture and each has its own special characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
Our Top 13 Tips for Buying a Great Sofa
Buying a sofa? Check out these 13 tips for buying a great sofa.
Our Review of Lane Furniture
Learn about what Lane Furniture offers.
Is There a Difference Between Hand-Knotted and...
Learn the different ways hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs differ from each other: value, life span, cost, and manufacturing.
Our Review of Broyhill Furniture
A review of Broyhill Furniture.
Cyber Monday 2014 Buys for Furniture and Home...
See what home furnishings and furniture retailers are offering with online furniture and home furnishings deals. Page 2.
CFLs: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?
There are many advantages and disadvantages to CFLs.
Dining Table Shapes, And Which One is Right For...
Dining tables come in many different shapes and sizes. One of these shapes will be right for your dining space. Find your perfect fit.
10 Common Construction Terms for Wood Furniture
Construction terms for wood furniture can be puzzling at times. Here is some wood construction terminology.
8 Companies That Sell American-Made Furniture
Some manufacturers of American made furniture.
Bicast Leather: Is it Really 100% Leather?
In a word, no. Bicast leather also known as bycast leather, bi-cast leather or PU leather, is a leather byproduct.
The Single Best Way to Clean Leather Furniture...
Leather is a very forgiving material requiring minimal care. Use this gentle cleaning method to keep your furniture looking its best.
7 Tips for Maintaining Upholstered Furniture
Proper cleaning and care of upholstered furniture ensures that the fabric will retain its looks for a long time.
Fabric Wearability Code
How do you determine if a fabric is strong enough for your particular piece of furniture? The wearability code can help you decide.
Create an Allergy Free Home with the Right...
Let furniture help keep your home allergy free.
6 Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed
A sofa bed is a great choice for when you need a versatile piece of furniture that functions both as a seat and a bed. Take a look at these tips to see what to look for in a good quality sleeper.
What Are Accent Colors?
What are accent colors? Furniture.
How to Measure a Space for Furniture
Learn how to measure your home before you buy furniture. Every home is different and standard measurements are just a guideline.
Guide to Upholstery Fibers
Upholstery fibers affect not only how a fabric looks, but also how it wears, how much care it needs, and the methods of cleaning. Find out the different characteristics of each group of fibers.
How to Run a Successful Furniture Retail Store
Make your furniture retail business more successful by offering value through your merchandising, advertising, and competitive pricing.
How to Choose the Best Sofa for You
How to choose the best sofa for you may not be very complicated. You just need to test drive a sofa before you buy one.
Where to Find the Best Memorial Day Furniture...
About Memorial Day sales, and where to find the best deals.
Kids Bunk Beds
There are many different kind of kids bunk beds available. Take a look at different kinds to help you select the best bunk bed for your child.
How to Use Empty Space in Arranging Furniture
Arranging furniture is all about using empty space to create flow. Here are some guidelines to get you started.
How Pinterest Can Help You Decorate and Furnish...
Pinterest is a useful tool to help you furnish and decorate your home. You can find instructions for DIY furniture projects or share your own ideas.
Different Types of Floor Lamps for Lighting
There are different types of floor lamps for lighting a room.
Fabric Cleanability Code
To clean an upholstered piece, refer to its cleanability code as it helps to decide on the most appropriate method of cleaning.
Your Complete Guide to Buying New Furniture
Are you looking to buy furniture, but don't know where to begin? This guide will show you the basics of buying furniture, such as knowing what you need, finding your style and judging for quality.
How to Save Money When You Buy Furniture
There are many ways to save money when you buy furniture. Today's smart buyers are figuring out different ways to spend less money on big ticket items. Buying at sales is just one of them.
Quick Guides for Buying 10 Basic Furniture Pieces
Have you ever wondered what you should know before buying furniture?
8 Must-Know Tips about Furnishing a Small...
Furnishing a small dining room can pose some challenges, but there are even more solutions. See which one works best for you.
8 Things You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving...
Creating a fabulous Thanksgiving table just got easier. Here are the steps you need to take.
3 Affordable Ashley Furniture Sofas
Ashley manufactures very affordable furniture for the entire home. Here are three contemporary sofas that are very affordable indeed.
5 Must-Have for a Guest Room
5 essentials for a guest room. Furniture.
Top 10 Furniture Trends of the Decade
The first 10 years of the new century saw many new trends in furniture, and here are the top 10 furniture trends of the decade.
Finding Bargains at Furniture Clearance Centers
Furniture clearance centers are a tremendous resource for finding furniture bargains. Discover the potential.
9 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Refinishing...
Most common mistakes when refinishing wood furniture arise from being in too much of a hurry. Find out how you can prevent them.
Caring for Leather Furniture
Caring for leather furniture helps prolong its life. These simple steps will help you keep your leather furniture in good shape.
Top 10 Furniture Buying Mistakes
Take a look at the most common top 10 furniture buying mistakes.
How to Buy a Daybed
A daybed is a functional piece of furniture giving you flexibility in how to use it. Take a look at the materials, styles and different configurations available to you.
8 Furnishings to Add to Your Bathroom
Bathrooms are often very neglected, but with just a few furnishings they can be made more luxurious, colorful and useful.
The Basic Principles of Interior Design
Learn the basic interior design principles of balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis and proportion to create a superbly designed room.
Using Gel Fuel Fireplaces
Gel fuel fireplaces can be a versatile solution if you need to add a fireplace to your home without the mess of traditional wood burning fireplaces.
Top 10 Tips for Decorating With Rugs
There are many different ways to use a rug in a room's decor. Here are ten tips for doing so.
Care and Cleaning for Varnished Wood Furniture
There are many easy ways to care for varnished furniture to help keep it looking its best. Even old varnish finishes can be revived with a few steps.
How to Salvage Furniture After Flooding
Floods can cause devastating damage. But you may still be able to save furniture that hasn't suffered heavy damage after flooding. Here's how you can minimize and repair some damage.
Dining Room Furniture Guide
A dining room furniture guide.
8 Types of Dining Tables
There are many different types of dining tables, because there are many different types of dining areas. Which type works the best for you?
Rialto Reclining Sofa
A reclining sofa can provide comfortable seating options for family rooms and living rooms and the Rialto reclining sofa has some great features.
8 Questions to Ask Before Buying Furniture
Define your needs and preferences before you buy furniture by asking these eight crucial questions.
7 Modern Sleepers for Apartments and Small Spaces
Sleepers are very useful for small spaces, spare rooms, and apartments. They can double as beds, and not just for guests. Take a look at seven of them.
Before You Buy a Bunk Bed
Learn how to pick the right bunk bed for your child's room.
Where Can One Buy Discontinued Furniture?
Finding discontinued furniture is not an easy job, especially if that line was put out of commission a long time ago. There are several ways to try your luck, and here are the suggestions.
Before You Buy a Dining Chair
What makes a dining chair perfect for your dining room? How it looks is important, but the real secret is first paying attention to other factors.
Ready to Assemble Custom Sofas from Simplicity...
Ready to assemble sofas that fit into tight spaces
How to Identify Different Parts of a Sofa
Some commonly used sofa terms: Sofa Arms, Backs, Construction and Seats Terminology.
Master the Art of Furniture Placement With...
Do you need rules for furniture placement? Not really, but it makes it easy to start furnishing with these 10 simple and easy to follow rules.
Furnish a Small Living Room
A small living room can be big on style.
Electric Fireplaces
Electric fireplaces give you the convenience of letting you have a fireplace in any room you desire.
Should I Reupholster an Old Sofa?
If you want to reupholster an old sofa, consider whether it is worth the expense. In some cases it is best to discard that sofa and move on to a new one, while there are some cases where reupholstering makes perfect sense.
5 Hidden Costs To Be Aware of When Buying...
There are some hidden costs when you buy furniture. Some of these are avoidable, and some you may not want to avoid. In either case you should be aware of them.
What is Vintage Furniture?
You hear the term vintage furniture often enough, but do you know what exactly vintage furniture is? Find out here.
How to Choose a Mattress Size
Since your mattress affects the quality of your sleep, look for a mattress that is the right size for you. Here are some easy tips to do just that.
What is Retro Style Furniture?
What is retro style furniture?
How to Choose a TV Stand for Your Home Theater
The good news is that since the shape of your TV changed, there has been a significant change in the style and shape of TV stands too.
Slipcovers for Sofas, Chairs and Loveseats
Slipcovers for sofas, chairs and loveseats.
How to Buy Vintage Furniture
Vintage furniture, what is it and how to buy.
Interior Design Basics
Having problems learning the basics of interior design? Here is your primer for understanding balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis and scale
This is When You Shouldn't Buy Used Furniture
Sometimes used furniture is not such a great bargain.
Here is Why You Don't Have to Settle For Boring...
Outdoor furniture doesn't have to be boring. Look for a variety of styles, fun new colors, and an interesting mix of colors.
What is FSC-Certified Wood?
When furniture products are made from FSC-certified wood, it is a guaranty that it comes from a sustainable source. Find out more.
How to Furnish a Dining Room
Do you know what furniture you need for your dining room?
Upholstered Beds
Upholstered headboards or fabric beds are found in many styles, shapes and sizes.
Perspectives Dining Room Table With Storage -...
The Perspectives dining room table from Broyhill Furniture.
Mid-Century Modern Style
An overview of the Mid Century Modern furniture style from roughly the mid-1930s to mid-1960s. Find out where to buy and how to use it in your home.
How to Furnish in an Asian Style
Furnishing in an Asian style gives an interesting twist to your home decor. Learn the basics here.
Wicker Patio Furniture Care and Cleaning
Wicker patio furniture is easy to care for. Some tips on its care and cleaning.
6 Chimney Free Electric Fireplaces
Don't have a fireplace in your home? No problem. There are plenty of chimney free freestanding fireplaces, as well fireplaces integrated in TV consoles. Take a look.
Small Space Solutions from BoConcept
If you have a small space, solutions that let you use it more efficiently are high on your list. BoConcept offers plenty of help to let you use your small space more effectively.
Paula Deen Furniture Collections
Universal Furniture and Paula Deen, best known for her southern style cooking, got together to create these furniture collections. Paula Deen's furniture line is in keeping with the the down home style of her TV shows such as Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Home Cooking.
How to Choose a Dining Room Rug
How big should a dining room rug be? What material should you use? What about the color and pattern? Find out how to choose a dining room rug based upon these important factors.
Christmas Decorating and Furniture Arrangement
Ideas for decorating and arranging furniture for Christmas.
7 Touch-Up Kits and Polishes for Wood Furniture
From time to time your wood furniture may need a touch up, and these simple, inexpensive polishes and repair kits can keep it looking good. Apply as needed.
5 Ways to Furnish for Fall
Fall is a beautiful time of the year with gorgeous colors, fabulous fragrances and textures. Use all of these to furnish your home and enjoy this season to the fullest.
Taking Measurements for Furniture and Decorating
Taking measurements for furniture and decorating.
Slipper Chair
Learn about slipper chairs. Furniture.
3 Different Mattress Types
3 different types of mattresses.
High End Office Chairs
Choose the best high end office chair based on your needs. Always consider what your special requirements are and whether the chair will meet them.
5 Tips for Shopping for Used Furniture
Are you shopping for used furniture? Here are some tips you might find useful.
How To Hold a Garage Sale
If you are moving or just looking to get rid of old furniture, you may want to know how to hold a garage sale. Here are some tips to get you started.
Furnish a Living Space for Elderly Parents
As needs change with age, an elderly parent might need some help around the house. Help furnish a living space that maximizes safety, and enables them to live with dignity and comfort.
How to Avoid Bunk Bed Injuries
The risk of bunk bed injuries can be minimized by observing safety rules and considering these tips for finding bunk beds with safe construction.
How to Buy Furniture at Sales
There are many types of furniture sales. Are they all worth your while? Here are some tips.
Paula Deen Home River House Collection
The River House collection from Universal's Paula Deen Home.
Tempur-Pedic Mattresses
A general review of Tempur-Pedic mattresses.
10 Ideas for Creating a Holiday Table Centerpiece
Create centerpieces for holiday tables using easily accessible objects and easy to follow instructions.
5 Play Tables and Chairs Your Kids Will Like
Furniture for children's play areas comes in an assortment of designs, materials and colors. Here are five sets your kids will like.
Restoration Hardware Furniture and Accessories
Furniture and accessories from Restoration Hardware.
How to Mix Traditional and Modern Furniture...
Mix pieces of modern and traditional furniture to get your very own style.
Quick Guide to Materials for Outdoor Furniture
What material should you choose for your outdoor furniture? Take a look at some popular materials and find one that fits your style and weather conditions.
What You Should Know Before Buying Furniture at...
Thinking of buying furniture at auctions? Here's what you should know.
Garden Gate Daybed
Universal Furniture and Paula Deen, best known for her southern style cooking, got together to create these furniture collections. Paula Deen's furniture line is in keeping with the the down home style of her TV shows such as Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Home Cooking. Page 17.
Chair and a Half
Just what is a chair and a half, what makes it special and where to use one.
How to Use Tiki Torches
Learn how to use tiki torches safely.
9 Steps To Reveal Your Signature Furnishing Style
Do you know what your furnishing style is? Follow these easy steps to uncover your very own sense of style.
Paula Deen Home Sofa
Universal Furniture and Paula Deen, best known for her southern style cooking, got together to create these furniture collections. Paula Deen's furniture line is in keeping with the the down home style of her TV shows such as Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Home Cooking. Page 12.
6 Storage Solutions for Your Artificial...
Store your artificial Christmas tree in a container that is easy to store and keeps pests, dampness, and dirt out. Here are six storage containers in different sizes.
Why Neutral Colors Can Be Your Best Friends in...
What are neutral colors and what role do they play in furnishing.
Before You Buy a Bed
Since we spend so much time in bed, it makes sense to pay attention to what we need from it. Functionality, style, type, size, all play an important part in choosing the right bed.
5 Different Looks in Contemporary Style
Do you like a simple uncluttered look? You just might have an affinity for contemporary style. Choose the variation that appeals to you the most.
Paula Deen Down Home Collection - Paula's...
Universal Furniture and Paula Deen, best known for her southern style cooking, got together to create these furniture collections. Paula Deen's furniture line is in keeping with the the down home style of her TV shows such as Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Home Cooking. Page 13.
6 Gaming Chairs
Gaming chairs come with a range of features and can be found in many different price points. Find a gaming chair for your needs.
How to Furnish an Off-Campus Apartment for the...
An off-campus apartment is an opportunity to move away from dorm room decor.
Caring for Outdoor Fabric, Acrylic Cushions and...
Keep your outdoor fabric, outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas looking their best with a little care.
Wicker: What Is It?
Wicker is a a very popular material for outdoor or patio furniture. Find out what wicker is.
When Will the Store Deliver My Sofa?
Don't assume that it will be same day delivery or next day delivery, because different retail stores have different policies regarding furniture delivery.
Pillows and Mattress Toppers for Sleep Support
Find sleep products to make it easier to go to sleep.
8 Things to Do With Your Furniture When You Move
Moving? Here are some suggestions for your existing furniture.
Why a Transitional Style Might be Perfect for...
The Transitional style in furniture and home furnishings is very popular for a reason. It owes its look to more traditional as well as modern styles.
Gathering Table with Corrie's Chair, Paula Deen...
Universal Furniture and Paula Deen, best known for her southern style cooking, got together to create these furniture collections. Paula Deen's furniture line is in keeping with the the down home style of her TV shows such as Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Home Cooking. Page 18.
3 Top Considerations for Buying Futons
Thinking of buying a futon for your home? Here are the top three considerations.
How to Select a Comfortable Upholstered Chair
What to look for when you buy a chair for comfort - seat angle, feel, depth and quality.
9 Quick and Easy Fixes for Wood Surfaces
Surface scratches and water stains on wood can be easily fixed using polishes and common household materials, such as crayons, nuts, toothpaste and iodine.
Simplicity Sofas RTA Sectional and Sleeper Review
Simplicity Sofas makes RTA sleepers and sectionals for hard to fit spaces. This furniture is easy to assemble, as well as take apart.

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