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The Tufted Look in Furniture


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What is Tufting?
Oscar Chair

Oscar Chair

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Tufted furniture has been around for a long time. It is nothing new, but still manages to capture a lot of attention every now and then. Right now it is a big trend.

What keeps us going back to tufted furniture? Maybe it looks more finished. It also suggests comfort. After all it wouldn't be tufted unless you had lots of thick layers.

The Technique

The tufted look is achieved by stitching through layers of fabric and the filling and padding underneath. The heavy thread is then pulled and secured on the surface of the fabric or leather with either a knot, ribbon or button. Very often the button is also covered up with the same fabric for a more subtle effect.

The act of pulling the thread creates depressions or dimples in the surface where it is pulled in. The raised surfaces that are created in this process are called tufts.

Hand Tufted Shifman Mattresses
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