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Traditional Style


Traditional Style Basics:

If you like furniture that is intricate and formal and finishes that are dark and rich, and then you should furnish your home in a traditional style.

Generally, traditional furniture takes its inspiration from furniture produced for the European royalty and aristocracy from the 17th to the 19th century. The idea is to create a look of luxurious magnificence through carved ornamentation, rich finishes and a grander scale. The over all look is more intricate and busier than in other styles.

All traditional furniture does not look alike and there are many variations within this style. The furniture can be inspired by different eras and styles hailing from different parts of the world.

Take a look at some traditional styles to find out your own preferences.

Old World Style:

Old world style is inspired by traditional European furniture, including English, Italian and French. It is based on furniture that was meant to impress. It is rich and ornate with deep tones, rich material and detail. An old world look is characterized by:

  • Medium to dark finishes that are sometimes used with marble
  • Dark woods such as mahogany, cherry, walnut, and dark oaks
  • Carved details and ornaments that include motifs such as acanthus leaves and shells
  • Furniture legs are often curved or fluted
  • Ball and claw feet
  • Finishes such as gilding, lacquer, inlays and other ornamentation

Campaign and Plantation Style:

This style is related to British Colonialism and evolved from wartime and colonial expeditions. It is characterized by "knock-down" or collapsible furniture which was designed to be carried from one place to another.

  • Legs can usually be folded or removed entirely
  • Pieces may have hidden compartments
  • Furniture has fewer details and cleaner lines
  • There are indigenous touches from the colonies such as shutter details on armoires, or use of rattan and leather insets.
  • Animal prints, rich textures

Early American Style:

This style had its roots in the traditional European styles, but over a period of time it was then simplified to suit American tastes. It is characterized by

  • Medium to dark finishes
  • Painted finishes, inlays
  • Spindles and finials
  • Lyre back chairs, lyre sofas and column pedestal tables
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