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Coastal Style


Coastal Style

Zinc-Finished Lighthouse Lamp

Photo (c) Wisteria

Coastal Style Basics:

If you happen to like a Coastal style, you prefer a casual and relaxed look characterized by natural fibers, weathered, painted, light finishes and colors that range from tropical and vibrant to breezy blues, greens and whites.

Sea-themed prints, such as sea shells, lighthouses and tropical flowers are used on fabrics and window treatments. Accessories such as baskets, seashell encrusted mirrors and tables can also be used.

California Coastal:

  • Relaxed and sophisticated
  • Touches of Asian and Old World European styles and dark wood finishes
  • Natural fibers, such as sisal rugs and fabrics with a comfortable feel
  • Light colored fabric

Gulf Coast:

  • Light finishes
  • Generous use of wicker and rattan
  • Vibrant colors and tropical prints
  • A sleeker and more modern/retro flair

Atlantic Seaboard :

  • Finishes are light, weathered or painted
  • Use of nautical themes, stripes and canvas
  • Colors such as white, black, red, navy blue and yellow
  • Traditional, American Colonial forms

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