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Furnishing in the Hollywood Regency Style


Hollywood Swank Bed

Hollywood Swank Bed Designed by Jane Seymour for AICO

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The Hollywood Regency style has had staying power ever since it first emerged during Hollywood's glamorous golden era. It was immediately adopted by Hollywood celebrities, and then slowly made its way to less celebrated homes.

The style has stayed popular because of its timeless appeal and the sense of glamor and luxury it conveys. Some of the designers who popularized this style were William Haines, Dorothy Draper, David Hicks, and Billy Baldwin. Modern designers include such luminaries as Kelly Wearstler.

Hollywood Regency is an uncluttered, sleek, yet dramatic look that evokes luxury. For all its lack of clutter, there are plentiful details that help complete the look. It just looks clean because all pieces in a space are carefully selected and placed so that they look like they belong together. And despite that lack of clutter, this look creates an intimate and very personal space.

Here are some elements of the Hollywood Regency style:


While black and white play a large role, color can range from delicate pinks to brilliant yellows and oranges. You may find deep Chinese reds, as well as apple and Kelly greens and turquoise.

Furniture Style:

The lines of the furniture are inspired by the English Regency style furniture from the early 19th century. It was eclectic in nature and borrowed from Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. There were Chinese influences as well as elements taken from contemporary French furniture.

Hollywood Regency furniture is eclectic, leaning towards any of these influences, as well as the mid-century modern style. Gentle, sinuous curves, and furniture that sits lower to the floor are some of the distinguishing features.

Furniture Finishes:

Hollywood style furniture is often finished in lacquered or metallic tones. Natural wood tones are also used. But glossy lacquered pieces really distinguish this style. Metal hardware may be used as accents.

Fabric and Patterns:

The fabrics and patterns used in this style convey a feeling of luxury. Velvets and silk are used extensively from drapes to lampshades to bedspreads. Thick, and at times, sculpted carpets may be used.

Chinese or Neo Classic inspired patterns are often used on fabric and may have metallic accents, and you may also find geometric and garden trellis patterns.


Shimmer, glitz and glamor are very much a part of this style. Crystal chandeliers, metal accents, chinoiserie and mirrored furniture provide this look. Lucite and glass along with metal accents may also be used. Wall paper with metallic accents can also provide a backdrop.


Accessories such as dramatic plants like palms and bamboo help complete the look. Fur and animal print throws or rugs provide accents, while lighting is equally dramatic. Room dividers play an important role.

Art is an important part of the look and ranges from abstracts to pop art to ethnic pieces.


Scale is an important aspect of this style, as the furniture was designed to be the backdrop and showcase for the people who used it.

The furniture was supposed to melt quietly into the background while providing a mood of relaxation and luxury. The whole idea of this style centers around creating an intimate atmosphere, where people interact with each other. The furniture was supposed to facilitate that, and not get in the way.


One very important aspect of furnishing in the Hollywood Regency style is coordinating all the furniture and accessories, so that even though it is an eclectic look, it is not a wild mish-mash of different pieces. There is always an over-arching theme so that all furniture and accessory pieces are joined together in telling one single story.

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