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Do you want to learn more about different periods in the history of furniture? You will find lots of information here on different styles and influences ranging through centuries and continents, with help on how to furnish your room in one that appeals to you.

How to Furnish in an Eclectic Style
Learn how to combine furniture and accessories from different styles and periods to create an eclectic space.

British Colonial Style
A British Colonial style is a mix of British and indigenous influences from the British colonies.

Moroccan Inspired Furniture and Decor
Furnish with Moroccan inspired home furnishings.

The Tufted Look in Furniture
What is tufted furniture, and what are some different types.

Furnish in a Moroccan Style
Furnish your home in a Moroccan style.

Mid-Century Modern Style
Learn about Mid-Century Modern style.

Furnishing in the Hollywood Regency Style
Learn about the Hollywood Regency style.

Americana As a Theme in Furniture and Home Furnishings
Americana can be used to reflect a patriotic spirit through furniture and home furnishings.

Industrial Style - The New Contemporary Style in Furniture and Home Furnishings
Industrial style has become one of the hottest contemporary styles in furniture and home furnishings.

Transitional Style in Furniture and Home Furnishings
About the Transitional style in furniture and home furnishings.

Thomas Chippendale
British furniture maker Thomas Chippendale.

Queen Anne Style in Furniture
An overview of Queen Anne Style in furniture.

Glossary of Antique Furniture Terms with Illustrations
Antique furniture terms glossary from the Antiques Guide ar About.com.

Asian Style Furniture
Asian style furniture continues to be popular today. Asian inspired materials, methods of construction, stylistic features, and colors and textures from Asia have influenced Western furniture and home furnishings.

How to Furnish in an Asian Style
Furnishing in an Asian style gives an interesting twist to your home decor. Learn the basics here.

Nailheads are sometimes referred to as jewelery for furniture.

Country Style
Country Style encompasses different eras and continents and is truly versatile. Learn more about it here.

Coastal Style
It doesn't matter where you live, you could still furnish your home in a coastal style. Find out how.

Contemporary Style
Do you like a simple uncluttered look? You might have an affinity for contemporary style.

Traditional Style
Are you fascinated by traditional furniture? Have you noticed that it doesn't all look the same? Here's an introduction to some different traditional styles.

Know Your Antique Table Styles - A Guide to Identifying Antique Tables
Antique table styles from About.com Antiques Guide.

Find Your Style
Do you know what your style is? Often it's hard to decide, especially when others are telling you one thing but you're not really sure you want it. Read on for tips on how to find your true style.

Louis Philippe Furniture
Louis Philippe furniture has retained its popularity through the ages. Many manufacturers offer entire collections in this style, making it easy to coordinate your furniture.

Formal Style
Formal Styles in furniture, whether traditional, contemporary or provincial, are all about creating a certain theme or mood. Here you learn about the elements that go into creating each one.

Informal Style
Informal style is a more relaxed style, and much easier to maintain than a formal style. There is a wide variety, as the range includes traditional, contemporary, provincial, and eclectic styles.

What is Retro Style Furniture?
An introduction to retro style furniture.

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