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Tips for Pricing Used Furniture

How to Price Your Used Furniture to Sell


Pricing used furniture can be a little hard, but knowing what kind of used furniture sells best might provide some help. Not all used furniture sells easily, so keep that in mind when you are pricing it to sell. Here are some tips to keep in mind when pricing your used furniture:


The quality of your used furniture is a good guide to determining its price.

  • The single most important thing that you offer when selling anything is value. Isn’t that what you would look for when you buy furniture? This is what your customer will be looking for, too. Create excitement by offering good values.
  • Look at your furniture from a buyer’s point of view. Furniture that is practical, comfortable and usable has a better chance of selling. You should price your pieces accordingly.
  • The quality of furniture is more important than its uniqueness. A customer will happily pay a better price for a well made piece. An antique that is in bad condition might not do as well.
  • Size

    Size matters when you are selling your used furniture, as it also determines an item's usefulness.

    • It is easier to sell smaller pieces of used furniture, so you might look to make a little more profit here. Smaller items are easily transported and fit into most homes.
    • Larger furniture items don't fit into all kinds of space, and are harder to transport. Your customer might have to incur additional cost when taking over-sized or larger pieces of used furniture home. Take that into account when pricing over-sized items.
    • Style

      Some styles sell better than others, and a neutral style might be better than a something that is more specialized.

    • If you have any used Retro furniture you are in luck. Any Retro furniture is always popular, and you might find a lot of takers so you can price these items a little higher.
    • Simple furniture designs are always in demand as they can find a home in any style interior. Unusual or custom made used furniture might prove hard to sell. A customer might find a lower price more attractive than the furniture item itself, and if you really want to get rid of it a lower price might be the way to go.
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