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How to Approach a Customer in a Furniture Store

Building Relationships


How you approach and greet a customer lays the foundation for building a relationship that leads to results that are mutually beneficial. It is important to start off on the right foot from the moment a customer steps into your store. The idea is to make a customer feel welcome and comfortable, just as you would make someone feel welcome and comfortable in your own home.

  • Be Yourself:

    Your work begins even before a customer walks through the door, and it begins with being comfortable with yourself. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you confidence. And when you are comfortable with yourself you put others at ease too.
  • Be Approachable:

    Always be pleasant and approachable so that the customer feels at ease. Never act overly effusive, because faked enthusiasm is never convincing. On the other hand, an utter lack of enthusiasm can also drive people away.
  • Convey Confidence:

    When you appear confident, people tend to trust you more. Having great product knowledge can give your confidence a tremendous boost. At the very least know where to locate the product or look up pertinent information.
  • Be Well Groomed:

    Dressing appropriately for your job has the effect of making people feel more confident in your competence.
  • Give Your Customers Space:

    Give your customer some time to walk into the store and get a little comfortable before you walk up to greet them. Nobody likes being rushed.
  • Never Approach from Behind:

    Always approach a customer from the front, never from the side or behind. It is unsettling, and could potentially make people very uncomfortable.

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