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Selling Furniture

Are you looking for a career in selling furniture? These resources will cover topics such as product knowledge, how to engage customers, provide excellent customer service, and overviews of different job descriptions within the industry. You will also find how to tell if a company is a good match.

What Do Millenials Want From Their Homes
The results of a survey by Better Homes and Gardens shows how Millenials like to shop for homes and how they want to furnish them.

The Factory Floor
Local manufacturers from around New York will be featured in pop up shops in The Factory Floor.

Sanjay Panjwani Talks About Growing a Furniture Business

The American Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation
The American Furniture Hall of Fame preserves the history and heritage of the furniture industry.

What to Do With Your Furniture When You Move

Trends in Furnishing and Remodeling Priorities in American Homes
Recent studies reveal what the American homeowner thinks about home renovation and furnishing.

Ron Sellers Talks About FurnitureCore.com
Ron Sellers, Senior VP Sales for FurnitureCore.com discusses how the Web Application helps the furniture industry.

eCat iPad App for Home Furnishings Sales Reps
eCat iPad App for Furniture and Home Furnishings Sales Reps.

Talking With Steve Thrasher, President of SuperCat Solutions LLC
My interview with Steve Thrasher, President of SuperCat Solutions LLC

Talking with Shifman Mattresses President Bill Hammer
My interview with Bill Hammer, President of Sifman Mattresses.

How to Get Rid of a Used Sofa
How to get rid of a used sofa.

A few tip son how to sell your used furniture.
A few tips on how to sell your used furniture.

How to Approach a Customer in a Furniture Store
Knowing how to approach and greet a customer is a very valuable skill.

Ethan Allen's Farooq Kathwari
Ethan Allen's Farooq Kathwari talks about changes and developments at Ethan Allen.

Review of How to Build a Business Warren Buffet Would Buy
How to Build a Business Warren Buffet Would Buy: The R.C. Willey Story, by Jeff Benedict is a must read for anyone in the business of furniture.

Tips for Pricing Used Furniture
You might run into difficulties when pricing used furniture. Here are some tips to help you do the job

Tips for Selling Your Old Furniture
If you have old furniture that has outlived its usefulness to you, why not sell it? Here are some helpful tips.

Hold a Garage Sale
If you are moving or just looking to get rid of old furniture, a garage sale might be a great idea. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to Run a Successful Furniture Retail Store
Are you looking to tweak your furniture retail store? Here are some furniture retail basics.

Top Furniture Trade Secrets From "GuildMaster on Tour"
Steve Crowder the CEO of GuildMaster shared his top trade secrets from his 15,000 mile journey across the U.S.

Seven Steps to Selling a Sofa
There is a logical process to selling furniture. Find out how to do that in seven easy steps.

Ecommerce Website Design - Enticing Ecommerce Visitors to Shop Online
Selling furniture online is very much like selling anything else online. Here Susan Ward of Small Business: Canada at About.com discusses some aspects of e-commerce.

Selling on eBay - Five Valuable Tips for Selling on eBay
Here are helpful hints for selling on eBay by Pamela Wiggins.

CPSC Guidelines for Selling Used Furniture at Garage Sales
It is illegal to sell recalled furniture at garage sales. Find out more.

Talking with Stefanie Lucas of Rowe
Talking with Stephanie Lucas of Rowe.

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