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Use Patio Furniture to Create an Outdoor Retreat


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Salvaged Wood for a Warm Look
Use Patio Furniture to Create an Outdoor Retreat

Photo (c) Groovystuff

Create a sense of warmth outdoors with the materials, colors and textures you use. Wood always looks good outdoors, especially if it is salvaged wood, that has already been weathered. It does help add a sense of warmth.

Groovystuff uses salvaged material to create its furniture. The Adirondack Pool Chair from the Chris Bruning Signature Collection was inspired by the scenic Adirondack National Park in upstate New York, and is another take on a classic design. The seat on this chair was made from teak salvaged from antique farm plows, while rice barrels were shaped into wedges for the ergonomic back. About $629

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