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Using Color in Outdoor Furniture

How to Use Color in Your Patio Furniture


Color outside your home doesn't need to be confined to plants alone. If you think your patio needs some waking up, try using more color in your outdoor furniture, and decor. That way your outdoor furniture can complement a colorful garden, or provide an accent or anchor for more a more neutral toned one.

While it is easy to find patio furniture in the more traditional whites, natural wood tones, and metals, you can also find outdoor furniture in bold primary colors. Primary colors and tropical colors are showing up everywhere in outdoor furniture, and you also see whites that are either sparkling white or more muted and weathered. This gives you a variety of colors to dress up a patio.

Color can be used in many different ways outdoors. For that reason, there are always some considerations to take into account before bringing in new outdoor furniture.

Maybe the most important thing you can do before you buy outdoor furniture in any color, is to take a good look at your surroundings.

  • Use the color of your home as a guide to see which colors will show up well against it.
  • Also look at the surrounding foliage and flowers for cues, and decide whether you want to harmonize or contrast.

Bring In Color Through Chairs and Hammocks

Look around for brightly colored chairs in all kinds of different materials. The Tolix chair which comes in metal, can be used indoors or out. You can now find outdoor wicker furniture in different colors, too. Painted wood or resin furniture colors can range from pastels to primaries. Slings and hammocks can also be used to provide color accents.

Add Color with Outdoor Tables and Ottomans

Tables can enliven any outdoor seating group too, since they are available in a variety of different colors and materials. In addition to stained, painted, or resin tables, you may want to also consider mosaic tables.

Use Patio Umbrellas and Awnings for Shade and Color

Umbrellas are not for shade alone. Since they come in all different colors and patterns, choose one that creates a color splash in your surroundings. Use a brightly colored patio umbrella as a focal point.

Awnings can also provide much needed shade as well as add color.

Use Pillows to Dress Up Your Outdoor Furniture

Pillows can be used to either dress up, or dress down your patio furniture. If you don't want to get new furniture, but feel you could use a shot of color, go for outdoor pillows in fun colors. They are inexpensive and easy to change around should you get tired of the look.

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