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How to Use Tiki Torches


4-in-1 Multi-use Tiki Torch Lights a Pathway

4-in-1 Multi-use Tiki Torch Lights a Pathway

Photo (c) Tiki Brand

When your thoughts turn to making your backyard feel more festive, Tiki torches and fire pits come to mind. There is something about flickering flames that is at once comforting and exciting.

There are many different types of tiki torches, including solar powered and gas lit ones. However, fuel lit torches are most commonly used. They also happen to be the more affordable kind, with the least expensive ones costing less than $10. Besides providing ambient lighting, tiki torches can also help keep mosquitoes away when you use a citronella mix.

Oil-lit torches can be set up in no time, and are easy to use. However, as with anything that involves fire and live flames, installing and using tiki torches requires some planning and precautions for trouble free maintenance.

Below are some basic questions and answers and safety tips regarding installation and maintenance of tiki torches from the folks at Tiki Brand.

How far apart should the tiki torches be placed?

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, avoid placing torches under trees. Also keep them away from overhangs or any other flammable materials. Other then that, they can be used to light patios, walkways and decks. When you are positioning the torches, try placing them at least 6 feet away from the house or any other structure.

It is best to position your Tiki torches throughout your backyard or patio so they are evenly spaced. Try to keep a distance of 6 feet to 8 feet for the best perimeter lighting and ambiance.

To make sure that your torches are stable, place them 6 inches to 8 inches into the ground. Use a torch stake or stand for extra stability.

What is the best way to fill my tiki torch?

Since the fuel is flammable, use appropriate care when filling a torch. Never transfer the fuel into another vessel or container. Always pour the torch fuel directly into the torch from the bottle. For easier filling, use a Tiki Brand Snap and Pour spout or a funnel. To avoid accidental spills, it is best to promptly re-cap the fuel bottle. Store torch fuel bottles safely out of the reach of children and pets.

How do I clean accidental oil spills on concrete or wood?

Accidents happen. When you spill any oil on the patio, deck or any other area, the best thing to do is to first soak up excess oil with oil dry or kitty litter. After all the excess oil has been soaked up, use a commercial cleaner to clean the rest of the spill. Let fresh air help dry out the affected area.

How do I extinguish a torch?

Tiki Brand torches come with a snuffer cap that has been provided for this purpose. To extinguish a torch, place the snuffer cap over the wick carefully, so that it covers it completely. Leave it in place until the flame is entirely extinguished.

When the flame dies out completely, remove the snuffer cap and allow the wick to completely cool. Replace the snuffer cap to protect the wick from the elements once the wick is cool.

How do I store the oil and the torches?

It is important to put away the torches carefully and securely when you need to store them. You do not have to remove the oil completely when they are not in use. However, store tiki torches in a secure, up-right position so they do not tip over.

Make sure to keep torches safely out of the reach of children and pets. While torches and torch fuel can be stored outside, make sure to protect the fuel from freezing.

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