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Outdoor Furniture

Ideas to make your outdoor spaces as attractive as indoors. Find resources for furnishing your patio, garden, porch or poolside.
  1. Trends and Fashions for Outdoor Furniture (4)

15 Products from the 2013 International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market

Furnish a Glamping Party in Your Backyard
Have a glamping party in your own backyard.

Take a look at some furniture and accessories from Restoration Hardware.

Patio furniture at Ace Hardware.
Patio furniture at Ace Hardware.

New Products for the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Market
New outdoor furniture and accessories.

Outdoor Furniture Collections from O.W. Lee
OW Lee manufactures outdoor furniture.

Retro Patio Furniture
Retro patio furniture for the porch.

Outdoor Living Furniture and Accessories

How to Use Tiki Torches
Learn how to use tiki torches safely.

Outdoor Tables For Indoor Accents
Outdoor tables can be used indoors for interesting accent furniture.

Patio Chairs You Can Use Indoors

Caring for Teak Furniture
Caring for outdoor teak furniture is very easy and here are some tips to help you along.

Safety Tips for Fire Pits
Fire pits are increasing in popularity because they can be used year round in your back yard. These tips will help you use them safely.

Using Color in Outdoor Furniture
Wake up your outdoor space or patio with a shot of color in your outdoor furniture.

Furniture for Outdoor Living and Entertaining
The right outdoor furniture can turn your patio into a functional space for outdoor living and entertaining.

Summer Home Safety Tips for Outdoor Spaces
Sometimes we don't pay enough attention to outdoor spaces when considering summer home safety.

Wicker Patio Furniture Care and Cleaning
Wicker patio furniture care and cleaning.

Wicker Patio Furniture
Wicker patio furniture continues to be a favorite year after year.

What is Wicker?
Wicker is a a very popular material for outdoor or patio furniture. Find out what wicker is.

Caring for Outdoor Fabric, Acrylic Cushions and Umbrellas
Keep your outdoor fabric, cushions and umbrellas looking their best with a little care.

5 Tips for Creating Stylish Outdoor Spaces
Make your outdoor spaces as stylish as your indoor ones. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Patio Chaise Lounge Chairs from Gloster
Patio chaise lounge chairs from Gloster.

Telescope Casual Furniture for Outdoor, Patio
Telescope Casual Furniture outdoor and patio furniture.

Find a Fire Pit or Fire Table for Patios and Decks
A fire pit adds drama and excitement to patios and decks.

Outdoor and patio furniture and accessories from Agio International Co. Ltd.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture
Cleaning outdoor furniture can prolong its life, and keep it looking attractive.

Outdoor Furniture for the Perfect Summer Getaway
If you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway why not take a trip to your patio? The latest offerings in outdoor furniture, sets as well as single chairs or tables, are all geared for relaxing or outdoor entertaining. You can easily turn your garden or patio into a stylish outdoor living retreat. The main functions that people want...

Outdoor and Patio Furniture from Brown Jordan
Outdoor furniture from Brown Jordan.

Patio Furniture, Lighting and Rugs for Outdoor Living
Patio furniture lighting and rugs for outdoor living.

Outdoor Furniture Tips and Trends from Krissa Rossbund of Traditional Home
Outdoor tips and trends from Krissa Rossbund, senior style editor Krissa Rossbund.

Restoration Hardware Furniture and Accessories
Furniture and accessories from Restoration Hardware.

Shade Pergolas from Walpole Woodworkers and ShadeFX Canopies
Shade Pergolas let you define your outdoor spaces.

Use Patio Furniture to Create an Outdoor Retreat
Patio furniture can convert outdoor spaces into retreats.

How to Furnish an Outdoor Room
Outdoor rooms are essential to outdoor living. Find out how to furnish an outdoor room.

Quick Guide to Materials for Outdoor Furniture
What material should you choose for your outdoor furniture? Take a look at some popular materials and find one that fits your style.

Patio Furniture for Small Outdoor Spaces
Some patio furniture for small outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Wood Furniture
Wood is a favorite material for outdoor furniture. Is it a good choice, which wood is better, and what kind of wood furniture should you buy for your patio?

Your Outdoor Furnishing Style
You can use use your favorite indoor furnishing style outdoors.

How to Buy Outdoor Furniture
Learn how to buy outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Trends
Here's an overview of the latest trends in outdoor furniture.

Resin Club Chair by Animavi
The Resin Club Chair by Animavi is a well designed piece of furniture you can use indoors or outdoors.

10 Outdoor Recliners for the Patio or Poolside
Some recliners for outdoor relaxation.

Fresh Outdoor Furniture Styles and Trends

Trends for Outdoor and Patio Furniture
Trends for outdoor and patio furniture.

Patio Table and Chair Sets for Outdoor Dining
Patio sets for outdoor dining.

Tips for Painting Outdoor Furniture
Is your outdoor furniture beginning to look drab and run down? Well, there might still be hope for it with these tips on painting it.

Outdoor Furniture Styles and Designs
Here is a resource for looking at some outdoor furniture styles and designs.

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