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Sustainable Manufacturing Practices


Sustainable manufacturing practices are just as important as using sustainable materials. Both are factors in the production of sustainable furniture.

What is a sustainable practice, exactly? The manufacturing process should also be a responsible process. Here are some sustainable practices:

Sustainable Design:

Any sustainable manufacturing process begins at the very first starting point: design. The product should be designed in such a way that makes it efficient, user friendly, durable and easily recycled.

Alternative Energy Use in Manufacture:

The manufacturing process employs a renewable energy source.

Resource Efficiency in Manufacture:

To conserve natural resources, the manufacturing process should be efficient in its use of energy, water, and materials. When energy efficiency is factored into operations it reduces greenhouse gas emissions while increasing production at the same time.

Non Exploitative Labor:

The piece of furniture is designed or manufactured by people who benefit from their work and their labor is not exploited.

Closing the Loop:

There should be some way to recycle the product at the end of its lifecycle. The product should be developed with a view to recycling the material that has already been used, so that new, quality products e created without using new materials.
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