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Is Bicast Leather Really 100% Leather?


Question: Is Bicast Leather Really 100% Leather?
I'm looking for a sectional for my family room and found one that I like. The saleswoman says it is 100% leather, but she also mentioned that it was bicast leather. Is bicast leather 100% leather?
Answer: In a word, no. Bicast leather is not 100% leather. It is not even leather, but a leather by-product.

Bicast leather is made from split leather which is then laminated with a polyethylene top layer. It has been made available thanks to modern technology, which lets leather be split into a number of layers. The layers used to make bicast leather are of very inferior quality, which, without the coating, may not be of any use at all.

After the polyethylene coating is applied, grain patterns are embossed into the surface to make it look more leather-like.

While bicast leather furniture may look like leather at first glance, you will find that it does not behave like leather. For one thing, it does not develop leather's suppleness or patina with time. You may find that it may have a strong chemical smell at first, which dissipates after a while. It may look like leather, and you may find plenty of color choices, but the grain might appear too even. Bicast leather may also be prone to splitting and cracking.

What bicast leather has going for itself is that it is more affordable than real leather, and easy to keep clean. All the same, it is misleading and dishonest to sell it as 100% leather or real leather. If you are looking for real leather, then bicast leather is not for you. If you want your furniture to last a while, again, bicast leather is not for you.

Note:Bicast leather is also known as bycast leather, bi-cast leather or PU leather.

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