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Furniture Terms

Use these resources on furniture terminology to inform and provide a better understanding of all aspects of furniture.
  1. Fabric Glossary (7)
  2. Furniture Glossary (29)
  3. Green Terms (12)

Brush Up on Sofa Glossary
Some commonly used sofa terms.

Furniture Words in Foreign Languages
Learn some common furniture trems in foreign languages

Description of ash.

Definition of Furniture Term Eglomise

Chair and a Half
Just what is a chair and a half, what makes it special and where to use one.

Different Types of Leather Used in Making Furniture
Different types of leather used for furniture.

What is Retro Style Furniture?
What is retro style furniture?

What is GREENGUARD Certification?
What is GREENGUARD Certification?

Definitions for Massage Actions for Massage Chairs
Definitions for massage actions for massage chairs.

Different Types of Chairs

There are so many different types of chairs. Wing chairs, club chairs, rocking chairs, and that is just to name a few.

There is a chair to fit every need and every kind of space, so it is best to look at all different kinds before deciding on one.

Is Bicast Leather Really 100% Leather?
Is bicast leather really 100% leather?

Zitan is a rare tropical wood of the rosewood family

What is a Commode? Is it a Chest of Drawers or a Toilet?
What is a commode? Is it a chest of drawers or a toilet? Maybe both?

What is Vintage Furniture?
You hear the term vintage furniture often enough, but do you know what exactly vintage furniture is? Find out here.

Office Furniture and Ergonomics
There is a strong relationship between good office furniture and ergonomics.

Common Construction Terms for Wood Furniture
Construction terms for wood furniture can be puzzling at times. Here is some wood construction terminology.

Sofa term three-over-three definition

What is Chinoiserie?
Cinoiserie is a term that is often referred to in the world of furniture.

What is FSC-Certified Wood?
FSC-certified wood is a guaranty that the wood comes from a sustainable source. Find out more.

Scagliola is a technique that uses plaster to make it look like marble.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
Sustainability in manufacturing is just as important as using sustainable materials.

Sustainable Material in Furniture
What do we mean by sustainable material?

What is Sustainable Furniture?
Have you wondered what makes a piece of furniture sustainable? Look for these terms to help you determine.

Go Green - Glossary of Green Terms
You want to go green, but not sure what it means? Look through this glossary for green terms to help you understand.

Fabric Wearability Code
How do you determine if a fabric is strong enough for your particular piece of furniture? The wearability code can help you decide.

Caquetoire - Gossip Chair
Caquetoire or gossip chair was popular in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Furniture Glossary
It is helpful to know what certain furniture terms mean, as it creates a better sense of understanding between the salesperson and the buyer. Here is a glossary of commonly used terms for upholstered furniture.

STAINMASTER Carpet Glossary
This carpet glossary will help you understand carpet terminology.

Definition of Marquetry

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