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Las Vegas Winter Market 2013


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Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year
The Road to Emerald

The Road to Emerald

Photo (c) World Market Center Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Winter Market which was held from January 28 to February 1, happens to be the most important Furniture Market on the West Coast. Featured here are some new products that manufacturers presented for 2013.

Pretty soon these will be making their way to a furniture store near you. Take a look to get an idea of the new furniture looks and fashions headed your way.

This vignette, above, is part of an exhibit featuring the Road to Emerald. Emerald is the color of the year for 2013. Like Tangerine Tango before it, it seems to have captured the imagination of manufacturers and public alike.

Featured here alongside Emerald accents are:

  • Mr. Brown Granta armchair and Pablo coffee table
  • Arteriors home spore chalk-white mirror
  • Capel Arabesque rug
  • Classic Home Penley sofa
  • Julien Chichester Ptolemey chest
  • Jiti Design pillows
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