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Vermont Woods Studios


Vermont Woods Studios is a small group of gifted and passionate wood crafters who share a love for the beauty of handmade, quality wood furniture.

The artisans work using sustainable, local material and traditional methods. Most of the furniture is produced in small workshops, usually by one artisan working alone, or with the help of a family member or apprentice.

Their handcrafted furniture can be customized to fit a customer's needs, often at little or no extra cost. You can get more information at their website.

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Custom Artisan Wine CabinetNautical End TableHeart Shaped Valentines ChairCustom Curved Loveseat
Hand-made Cherry Moon Bed Hand-made Cherry Moon DresserJim Andrews Natural Cherry Bedroom ChestAmerican Shaker Round Wood Table
Vermont Country Cottage Furniture CollectionTall Computer ArmoireVermont Woods Studios - Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood ArmoireRustic Reclaimed Barnwood Armoire Vermont Woods Studios - Rustic Barnwood Sideboard with Ceramic Sink Vermont Woods Studios - Rustic Barnwood Sideboard with Ceramic Sink
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