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What's New in Home Furniture for 2009

New Home Furniture Offerings from Manufacturers


Home furniture for 2009 shows an interesting mix of affordability, functionality, and a sense of nostalgia. Along with all these trends, the new home furniture offerings from manufacturers show a smaller scale and small-space friendly choices in kids' furniture.

Creative storage ideas seem to be in great demand. It could be due to shrinking home sizes, or simply a desire for multitasking and greater efficiency. Our furniture is simply a reflection of how we see ourselves. We want our homes to be organized, peaceful and clutter free.

A concern for the environment and a greater sense of personal responsibility have created a demand for green furniture. Green furniture is on its way to becoming mainstream and it helps that a lot of green furniture is very well designed.

Another trend is the presence of furniture design inspired by different cultures and parts of the world, akin to bringing the world to your home.

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Catalina Bed from Copeland FurnitureCatalina Collection from Copeland FurnitureAttic Heirlooms Heritage Farmhouse-style Trestle Table, BroyhillAttic Heirlooms Heritage Farmhouse Dining Table from BroyhillMonica Settee from Century FurnitureMonica Settee from Century FurnitureEnvision Collection, Hooker FurnitureHooker Furniture's Envision Series
Desk and Hutch, Origin Collection, aspenhomeOrigin Collection from aspenhomeDisplay Shelf and Buffet from the  Pierre Deux French Country Collection, Highland HousePierre Deux French Country CollectionEvergreen Collection, Kincaid FurnitureKincaid Furniture's Farm House Bedroom, Evergreen CollectionBig Timber storage cocktail table from the Wrangler Home Originals CollectionFlexsteel Furniture's Wrangler Home Originals Collection
Tanzania Collection, LaneLane's Tanzania Collection
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