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Furniture and Home Furnishings Trends


The furniture and home furnishings trends that developed over the last decade show where we are headed for the new one.

These trends are based on what three leading designers Vicente Wolf, Laura Kirar and Timothy Corrigan discussed at the Fall Las Vegas Market, and they think we will see these trends continue in the coming months.

Vicente Wolf, who has been named as one of the 10 most influential designers by House Beautiful, was happy to see that there is now a "worldly aesthetic to spaces that are comfortable yet stylish."

Laura Kirar, who likes to incorporate "the handmade and the hand crafted" in her work, is the founder and creative director of TRU Design and Laura Kirar Design Licensing.

Timothy Corrigan, who was named "Today's Tastemaker" by Architectural Digest likes to mix classic with modern and was thrilled to see this trend showing up.

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Lychee Root Table, Asian Art ImportsInto the WoodsPing Pong Table, DeWulfUnconventional ConcreteMing Stand, Pacific ConnectionsSculptured SheenWooden Candlesticks, Ethan AllenNatural World
Gypsy Faire TentEthnic Without BordersMirror, Ethan AllenMixed MetalsSeatbelt Chairs and Table from Phillips CollectionUnexpected ElementsMirrored Screen from Arterior HomeNew Energy. New Look
Lola Sofa from ShineTrendy Turquoise
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