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Bedroom furniture should be at the top of anyone's furniture shopping list. But while the bedroom is the most important room in the house, it is very often the most neglected.

When you think about it, the bedroom is where you spend most of the time when you are at home. True, a lot of the time is spent sleeping (or at least we hope so) but this is the last place you see before you close your eyes, and the first one in the morning when you open them.

  • Beds usually end up being the focal point in a bedroom, so pay special attention to them.
  • Everything does not have to match or belong to a set. You can mix and match for a personalized look.
  • Bedding and accessories can help give even the most tired bedroom a fresh, new look.
  • Pay attention to lighting to give your bedroom the look you desire.
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Cabinetmaker's Cherry Collection Bed, HardenHarden's Cabinetmaker's Cherry Collection BedMorocco Headboard, West ElmWest Elm's Morocco HeadboardMango Bay Bed, KincaidKincaid's Mango Bay BedJacopo Bed
Sanctuary Bed, HookerHooker's Sanctuary CollectionBaroque Majestic Bed, ModaniBaroque Majestic BedPerspective Platform Bed, ModaniPerspective Platform BedSoho Bedroom from CopelandSoho Bedroom from Copeland
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