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Trends in American Made Furnishings

Demand for Made in the USA Furniture


There are many trends driving a greater demand in American made furniture and home furnishings.

Consumers have begun paying more attention to American made furniture. There is also a greater demand for customization. Environmental awareness has led some consumers to ask for furniture that is locally made to reduce its carbon footprint.

As demand drives manufacturing, some manufacturers have been paying attention to this demand. There is an increase in American made furniture and home furnishings as a result.

The manufacturers featured here have also used local, recycled or re-purposed material in their furniture. While some designs hark back to traditional styles, some employ more modern material and style. There is the added advantage of custom finishes which gives the customer more choice.

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Vaughan-Bassett Furniture - Chair Back BedHarden Furniture - Continental Crossing CollectionCopeland Furniture - Sutton Bedroom CollectionAbner Henry Fine Furniture - Sawyer Lane
Kincaid - American JournalJohnston Casuals - Eden Dining GroupShady Lady - Woolrich-licensed Collection
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