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Brackets and Straps for Furniture Tip Over Prevention

Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Prevent Furniture Tip Over


Furniture tip overs cause injuries to thousands, especially children, each year. Yet, preventing furniture tip overs might be relatively simple and inexpensive.

While newly manufactured furniture may comply to the ATSM standard and even come with tip restraints, older pieces may not be similarly equipped and may require these safety measures. If you have children at home, consider these tip restraints to be part of child-proofing and indoor safety. Attach these straps and brackets to studs in the wall to help prevent furniture tip overs, but don't consider them a substitute for supervision.

1. Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps

Safety 1st Straps
Photo (c) Pricegrabber

The Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps are easy to install and sturdy enough to help prevent accidental furniture tip overs.

The straps can be used to help secure shelving, book cases, chests or armories to the wall. As they are installed in the back, you cannot see the straps from the front but they may be visible from the sides.

Each strap is supposed to hold up to 200 lbs of force, and there are 2 per package. Make sure to follow instructions to ensure that you are fastening your furniture securely. Also remember that the weight allowance includes the weight of the furniture and whatever else it is holding, so don't consider furniture safe for children to climb.

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2. Kid Co Anti Tip Furniture Strap

Kid Co Wall Straps
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Kid Co Anti Tip Furniture Straps also secure furniture to wall to help prevent accidental tipping.

It installs quickly and easily to help keep dressers, book cases etc. relatively safe from tipping over. This also comes in packs of 2, and you need 2 straps per piece to keep it secure. The white nylon straps are screwed one end to the furniture and the other to the wall. Screws are provided with the straps. It is recommended that you use more than 2 straps with heavier, taller pieces.

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3. No-Tip Furniture Brackets

No-Tip Furniture Brackets
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The No-Tip Brackets attach to the back of your furniture and to a stud in the wall. The brackets are detachable so that you can clean behind the furniture when needed. 2 brackets are required per piece of furniture, but you may use additional brackets for heavy or taller pieces.

It is essential that these brackets be attached to a stud in the wall to be secure. If the bracket is not attached to a stud, the piece of furniture can still come crashing down as the wall alone will not be able to hold it in place. Be sure to follow all directions.

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