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Furniture Care and Repair

Tips on care, repair and cleaning for leather, wood, fabric, and other furniture.
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  2. Furniture Recalls (7)
  3. Furniture and Home Safety (8)
  4. Upholstery Care (6)

Pros and Cons of DIY Furniture
Should you spend time on DIY furniture projects? It depends.

EAT High Chair Recalled by BabyHome USA
EAT high chair was recalled by the CPSC and BabyHome USA.

Choose the Right Furniture for an Allergy Free Home
Learn how to keep your home allergy free.

Rock 'N Play Infant Sleepers Recalled Due to Risk of Exposure to Mold
Take a look at the Fisher-Price and CPSC recall of Rock 'N Play Infant Sleepers.

The Single Best Way to Clean Leather Furniture Gently
The best way to clean leather furniture gently.

Holiday Safety Tips from AHFA
Tips for a safe holiday home.

How to Clean Leather Furniture
How to clean leather furniture

Samuel Lawrence Furniture Recalls Sleigh Beds

12 Safety Tips from CPSC to Keep Your Holiday Home Safe
CPSC and UL issued these holiday safety tips for homes

Furniture and Earthquake Safety
How to prevent furniture related injuries in an earthquake.

Carmen De La Paz of Hammer Heads shares technique for painting patio chair...
Painting an outdoor table and chair with instructions from HGTV designer Carmen De La Paz.

Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Madeline Bed Canopy
Details of Pottery Barn Kids Madeline Bed Canopy recall

Q&A With Rick Dale of History Channel's American Restoration
Q&A with Rick Dale, who hosts "American Restoration" on History Channel.

Childproofing Window Shades and Blinds
Childproofing your window shades and blinds can help ward off dangerous injuries. Here is waht CPSC reccommends.

Kennedy International Recalls Folding Step Stools
Folding step stools recalled by Kennedy International.

Prestigio Office Chairs Recalled
CPSC and True Innovations announce office chair recall

Reupholster Your Sofa Or Not - Top Reasons to Reupholster Your Old Sofa - or Not

Three Steps to Home Organization
Breaking down your home organization into three steps can make it easier.

Caring for Leather Furniture
Caring for leather furniture helps prolong its life. These simple steps will help you keep your leather furniture in good shape.

Fire-Safety for Upholstered Furniture
You can take simple steps to protect your upholstered furniture from accidental fires.

Should I Reupholster an Old Sofa?
Is it ever a good idea to reupholster an old sofa?

Caring for Antique Furniture
Tips to help you care for antique furniture

Fabric Cleanability Code
When you clean an upholstered piece it helps to know the most appropriate method of doing it. Therefore it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the cleanability code.

Tips for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture brings a sense of warmth to interior spaces. Used for dressers, shelves, beds tables or chairs, wood is a versatile material. When you buy wood furniture, always check for quality. Buying quality furniture also means learning to give it the care it deserves.

Caring for Upholstered Furniture
Taking good care of upholstered furniture ensures that the fabric will enhance its durability, and help fabric retain its looks for a long time. These easy methods help with fabric upkeep.

Common Mistakes When Refinishing Wood Furniture
Most common mistakes when refinishing wood furniture arise from being in too much of a hurry. Find out how you can prevent them.

Childproofing for Holidays

Consider childproofing your home for the holidays if you are having young visitors over. If you have small children of your own, you probably have childproofed it already. But if additional children will be visiting or staying with you, you may want to go over your home again and make sure every thing is safe.

Touch Up Kits and Polishes for Wood Furniture
Wood care products such as polishes and touch up repair kits can easily take care of surface scratches and scuffing. Remember to reapply these products from time to time to keep your furniture looking good, but one application can last months.

Care and Cleaning for Varnished Wood
Most wood has a varnished finish, and with minimal care you can keep it looking good for a long time.

Brackets and Straps for Furniture Tip Over Prevention

Furniture tip overs cause injuries to thousands, especially children, each year. Yet, preventing furniture tip overs is relatively simple and inexpensive.

While newly manufactured furniture may comply to the new ATSM standard and even come with tip over prevention in the form of restraints, older pieces may not be similarly equipped. Also, if you bought your existing furniture before th…

How to Use Wax on Wood Furniture
Using wax on wood furniture keeps it looking its best. Find out how to do it.

How to Dispose CFLs Responsibly
Here is how you can dispose of CFLs responsibly.

5 Tips for Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning carpets regularly may help you keep your home healthier

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips
Spring cleaning is an easily handled chore when you break it down into these steps.

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home
Holidays are a time for rejoicing and reconnecting.If you make some adjustments for safety you will be able to have a worry free time with your loved ones.

How to Reupholster a Chair Seat
Learn how to reupholster a chair seat in easy steps.

Quick Fixes for Wood Surfaces
Surface scratches and water ring stains on wood can be easily fixed using polishes and common household materials, such as crayons, nuts, toothpaste and iodine.

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