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Hidden Storage in Furniture

Furniture That Gives You Extra Space with Hidden Storage


Furniture with storage is multi-functional and lets you maximize your living space and lets you hide the clutter out of sight, and yet easily accessible.

Storage-friendly furniture is a great boon to those who live in small spaces, but it has its advantages in any kind of space.

1. Hooker Furniture's Envision Series

Envision Collection, Hooker Furniture
Photo (c) Hooker Furniture

We tend to collect a lot of stuff in the bedroom, books, magazines, piles of paper. It helps when bedroom furniture offers room for extra storage.

This slender nightstand from Hooker's Envision series offers plenty of storage. It has a drawer and two shelves, in addition to the top surface.

Hooker's Envision bedroom

2. Paula Deen's Kitchen Gathering Table

Photo (c) Universal Furniture

The kitchen is another place that is prone to clutter. It is great to have a table that not only provides a place to gather to round and eat, but offers extra storage as well.

The table base in Paula Deen's Kitchen Gathering table offers storage in its base. Another space saving feature is an extension leaf, which you only have to pull out when you need it.

Paula Deen's Kichen Table

3. Put Your Feet Up Table

Photo (c) Universal Furniture

The living room or the family room can do with a coffee table that can hide remote controls or other entertainment paraphernalia. For one thing it is easier to find them if you designate a place for keeping these objects.

There is hidden storage in Paula Deen's Put Your Feet Up coffee table. There is a surface that comes up to function as a serving tray, while drawers and the interior of the coffee table let you store objects such as remote controls, books or magazines inside.

Paula Deen's Coffee Table

4. Storage Bench from Armen Living

Storage Bench, Armen Living
Photo (c) Armen Living

The storage bench from Armen Living offers seating and storage in one slender package. Additional multifunctionality comes from the top cushions which can be turned over to expose trays.

5. Woodlands Entertainment Cabinet

Photo (c) GuildMaster

Guildmaster's Woodlands Entertainment Cabinet is an unusual looking entertainment cabinet, with it's hand painted exterior.

While there is room inside for media storage and you can display your TV on the top, the shelves can come out to let you store your TV inside, and out of sight, if you prefer.

6. Sofa Bed from BoConcept

Photo (c) BoConcept

The sofa bed from BoConcept hides more than a bed. There is additional room for storing bed linens, pillows, or blankets under the seat, freeing up precious closet space.

7. Hidden Storage in BoConcept Bed

Photo (c) Bo Concept

This bed from BoConcept offers plenty of hidden storage. Store bed linens, blankets or pillows or even seasonal clothing. You can stash away plenty of stuff in there as the entire base of the bed offers you plenty of storage.

8. Kanson Storage Table

Photo (c) Hammary

The space saving Kanson table from Hammary is a good addition to a family room. It's greatest asset is its functionality.

It offers additional seating in the form of four cubes which are tucked under the table when not in use. Each cube has a storage area when you lift up the top. The leather top is easy to clean after a pizza night. It is made out of Mindi wood, which is similar to oak and also easy to clean.

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