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Electric Fireplaces


Electric fireplaces give you the option of putting a fireplace in any room. They let you provide heat along with the ambience a fireplace brings to a room. Since they simulate fires without actual flames, you do not need any vents or chimneys.

Electric fireplaces can be ideal for apartments, condos or vacation homes. Or add to the number of existing fireplaces by placing these in bedrooms, dens or any other room that currently does not have a fireplace.

1. Diva The Herod Ornate Ventless Electric Indoor Fireplace

Photo (c) PriceGrabber

This ornate  electric indoor fireplace does not need a vent, and looks deceptively like built in fireplace.

Features include reed columns, hand-carved floral motif and dentil molding. Made from wood, wood composite, and wood veneer, the fireplace is finished in a classic antique white that can fit easily into a traditionally furnished space. The mantel and firebox are included in the kit.

The firebox emits up to 4,700 BTUs of heat per hour, and has a heat setting of 1400 watts. The fireplace has an adjustable thermostat and brightness settings which can be adjusted with the help of a remote control.

Requires assembly. Dimensions: 40" H x 42" W x 13" D

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2. Uniflame Indoor Electric Fireplace with Stacked Stone Surround

Uniflame Indoor Electric Fireplace with Stacked Stone Surround
Photo (c) Uniflame

Fireplaces have been often used as accents in a room, and Uniflame's indoor fireplace with stacked stone surround can certainly act as one. The faux stone construction is topped by a genuine granite top. Its substantial looks make it seem more like a permanent fixture than a temporary fix that you can move from room to room.

A fully adjustable heat level makes this fireplace easy to use. The heat level is managed with a remote control that is supplied with the fireplace.

The fireplace uses a standard 120 volt ground outlet, and the flame effect can be adjusted with the remote control that adjusts the heat setting. The fireplace comes with a 1 year warranty and was manufactured in China.

Dimensions 43.3" H x 46" W

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3. Franklin Corner Electric Fireplace

Photo (c) PriceGrabber

Maybe the best feature of this electric fireplace is its adaptability, as it can be used against a wall or a corner. You can change the placement if you wish, or choose to place it where it best fits your needs.

LED technology mimics an actual fire, and the infrared technology can heat up a room up to 1,000 Sq.Ft. The brightness, heat and flame functions can all be adjusted with the help of a multi-functional remote control.

Dimensions: 42'' W x 37'' H x 13.5'' D. Depth for corner configuration: 25.75"


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4. Napoleon 42" Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

Photo (c) PriceGrabber

The Napoleon EFL42 is a space saving, sleek and modern electric fireplace. It can work with or without the heating function depending on the time of the year.

You get up to 20 different flame settings and three different colors, that can be adjusted with the help of a remote control. The LED flame and heat intensity can be easily controlled.

It can provide supplemental heating in rooms up to 400 sq. ft. in size.

Dimensions: 42" W x 18" H x 4.625" D

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5. Duraflame Freestanding Electric Stove

Photo (c) PriceGrabber

This is a compact, lightweight, fire stove that is easy to transport from one room to another. And also one of the most affordable ones.

The metal surface stays cool and safe to touch, while the fan-forced 1500W heater warms up to 400 square feet.

The flames and glowing embers can be adjusted with the help of a remote control, which also lets you choose turning the flames off while keeping the heater on, or the other way around.

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