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Human Touch Massage Chairs and Recliners


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Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-075
PC-075 Perfect Chair

PC-075 Perfect Chair

Photo (c) Human Touch

The Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-075 is a good fit for a contemporary home, with its compact silhouette. Fully reclined the chair measures about 61 inches.

This is a zero-gravity reclining chair which means that it places the body in a virtually weightless position similar to the Neutral Body Posture studied by NASA during the SkyLab program. That was also the source of inspiration for the Perfect Chair.

A "weightless position" lets the body rest in a posture that is not affected by the pull of gravity, and therefore is highly therapeutic for sore muscles and fatigue which are a part of daily life, and may even be exacerbated by certain health conditions.

Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-075 Features

  • While its function is to bring the spine, hip, and knee joints close to the balanced midpoint of the muscles, its functionality is not the first thing you think of when you look at it. It is also a beautifully designed piece of furniture.
  • The chair comes with an articulating headrest, which means it is angle adjustable, to maximize neck support. At the same time the head support and leg support are tapered for a sleek look.
  • The chair reclines with the help of nickel-plated guide rails that also help make recline motion more smooth.
  • A built-in, self-inflating lumbar pillow allows customizable support.
  • A power-recline lever is located under the armrest.
  • Maybe the most striking visible feature is its curved base that supports the seat. It is made from 100% renewable, plantation-grown solid parawood, and is hand-carved and hand-finished. You can choose from 3 different finishes, Maple, Walnut and Dark Walnut.
  • The seat also has upholstery options and comes in aniline-dyed premium leather, bonded leather, or SōfSuede, and these materials are all available in different colors for a customized look.

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