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3 Hans Wegner Chairs


3 Hans Wegner Chairs

Shell Chair by Wegner

Photo (c) Room and Board

Hans Wegner:

Hans Wegner (1914- January 26, 2007) was one of the most prolific chair designers in history and helped shape the Danish Modern movement.

His focus was on exacting joinery techniques which he learned as a cabinet maker, and he brought a deep respect for his materials to his chair designs - over 400 of them. This understanding of material, technique and design distinguishes his chairs.

Here are 3 of his chairs that show no signs of abating in popularity. If you want to buy a quality chair, made by Carl Hansen & Son for whom he originally designed many of them, you might want to visit Room and Board.

Wegner Shell Chair:

The Wegner Shell Chair almost fell into obscurity, but was revived in the late 1990s. It is a three-legged accent chair with a solid wood back and seat. Both are padded for additional comfort. Perhaps best known for its classic three-legged design, the chair’s winged seat which curves upwards is also a notable design element.

The gentle, simplified organic forms give it a pleasing outline, so that it looks beautiful, almost sculptural in quality viewed from any angle .

Dimensions:35"w, 38"d, 41"h, Seat:16"h

Sawbuck Chair:

CH28 or the Sawbuck Chair was manufactured by Carl Hansen from a sketch by Wegner. This special edition in oak and walnut is exclusive to Room and Board.

Like all his work it approaches sculpture with its rounded shapes in the seat, back and armrests. Using oak for the frame and walnut for the seat and back together has also created an added visual interest. Like other Wegner pieces this chair can easily steal the limelight.

It is constructed of solid natural oak and laminated walnut.

Dimensions: 29"w, 26"d, 31"h, seat: 14"h

Wing Chair:

CH445 or the Wing Chair is an upholstered lounging chair that was designed to provide comfort. Its shape is unmistakably Wegner at his best, combining form and function.

The angled back invites you to sit back, and the wide seat lets you relax. The chair’s lines give it the sculptural quality that is a hallmark of Wegner’s design. The Wing Chair is a piece of sculpture that you can use to sit comfortably and it gives a distinguished air to any room.

The upholstered Wing Chair has a solid beech frame and metal legs.

Dimensions: 40.5"h, 35.4"w , 38.2"d, seat: 15.75"h

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