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Customized, Hand Crafted Furniture from Vermont Woods Studios


Customized, Hand Crafted Furniture from Vermont Woods Studios

Handmade Cherry Moon Table

Photo (c) Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios:

Vermont Woods Studios is a small group of skilled artisans who produce handmade, customized furniture made from responsibly harvested sustainable material.

Peggy Farabaugh, a former teacher at Tulane University owns and runs Vermont Woods Studios. Still very much the educator in her present role, she has a passion for educating people about the environment. She focuses on local, sustainable, and green furniture, using the company to promote, market and educate people about these practices.

There are two broad choices for customers:

  • Handcrafted Vermont Woods furniture collections
  • Ultra luxury custom artisan furniture

Handcrafted Vermont Woods Collections:

The high quality furniture for the living room, dining room bedroom, and home office is hand made in Vermont from green, eco-friendly, natural cherry, maple, oak or walnut.

Handmade Cherry Moon Bed
American Shaker Round Wood Table
Vermont Country Cottage Furniture Collection

The catalog furniture can be customized with your choice of woods, dimensions, hardware and styling, at little or no extra charge. FSC-certified wood is available along with a lifetime guarantee. They also offer volume discounts and free shipping.

Custom Artisan Furniture:

If you are looking for something unique, well designed and heirloom quality, and cost is not an issue, this furniture is for you.

If you have special requirements, such as quirky architecture, or are looking for a companion piece for an already existing antique piece, you can have access to master craftsmen who will work with you to create exactly what you need.

You will have the choice of using from a variety of high quality, sustainable woods, and the highest craftsmanship employing traditional methods.

Custom Artisan Wine Cabinet
Custom Curved Loveseat

Green Factor and Sustainability:

The furniture produced at Vermont Woods Studios is green and sustainable in several ways.

  • Material: The artisans at Vermont Woods Studios use locally grown and FSC-certified wood, and barnwood from dismantled New England barns. They also utilize old hinges, antique stained glass, and maple sugar tap hooks.

  • Production: All the pieces are made locally in Vermont, using traditional methods in small workshops.

  • Durability: The care in making, the level of craftsmanship, and the beauty of the furniture all insure that this furniture will stay in use and last a long time.

How to Buy:

You can visit their website to browse the furniture. Drop down menus let you customize your pieces. Gift certificates are also available

Website: www.Vermontwoodsstudios.com
Toll Free Phone: 888-390-5571
In Vermont: 802-579-1302
E-mail: info@vermontwoodsstudios.com
Showroom: 38 Woodland Road, Vernon, Vermont 05354.
Office Hours: M-F 9:00am-3:00pm

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