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Berkline Feel Good Massage Chairs - Chair 16018


Berkline Feel Good Massage Chair 16018

Berkline Feel Good Massage Chair "16018"

Photo (c) Berkline

This chair has an "S" shaped backrest which conforms to the shape of your spine. It offers different massage Actions such as Swedish Massage, Shiatsu massage, kneading, tapping, rolling and dual-action.

There is an air pressure system in the seat, calves and feet areas for your legs and feet. Three partial massage options for the upper, lower or middle back areas let you concentrate on any one area if you choose, and the rollers can be manually adjusted for kneading and tapping actions.

The backrest and footrest angles can be adjusted automatically, while there are 15 minute massage programs with automatic shutoff.

Dimensions: 45"H x 27”W x 53.5”D.

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