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Aeron Office Chair From Herman Miller

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Aeron Office Chair From Herman Miller

Aeron Chair

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The Bottom Line

While no product can ever fit every user satisfactorily, Aeron offers a comfortable office seating option for most. The fact that it comes in 3 different sizes makes it easier to find a size and fit that is just right for you.

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  • Sizes A, B, and C let the user choose the size that best suits their needs
  • Mesh seating lets your body breathe
  • 12 year warranty covers all parts
  • Environmentally responsible in manufacture, materials, and 94% recyclable


  • Expensive
  • Controls can be hard to reach while seated
  • Not everyone finds them comfortable


  • Uses Pellicle mesh instead of padding and upholstery to help maintain comfortable temperature for your body
  • Adjustable back, tilt tension, seat angle and height. Adjustable armrest angle and height
  • Chair A: 15 3/4" seat depth. 14 3/8" - 19 1/6" seat height. 19" seat width. 41" Max chair height.
  • Chair B: 16 7/8" seat depth. 15" - 20 7/8" seat height. 20 1/4" seat width. 42" Max chair height.
  • Chair C: 18 1/2" seat depth. 15" - 20 7/8" seat height. 21 5/8" seat width. 45" Max chair height.
  • Pellicle comes in 3 weave patterns with titanium, polished aluminum, and graphite finish frames to complement it.
  • Green features include 64% recycled content, durability, and easily disassembled for recycling. 94% recyclable.

Guide Review - Aeron Office Chair From Herman Miller

When Herman Miller's Aeron chair first appeared in 1994 it started a revolution in office chairs and ergonomic design.

Maybe the feature that recommends it to most is its availability in 3 sizes, A, B, and C, with A being for people with the smallest frames and C for the biggest. Seats, backs and armrest heights come in different measurements to fit different body sizes and can be adjusted.

The Pellicle mesh that is used in Aeron conforms to body contours to prevent pressure points, and the mesh and tilt are calibrated to user weight and size ranges for each chair size. Pellicle has the advantage of being more breathable than fabric and padding. The mesh is highly resilient, so it will regain its appearance when you leave the chair.

The patented Kinemat tilt is a mechanism that lets your body stay balanced through the 30-degree recline range for a full range of postures. You can also adjust the lumbar depth and lumbar height to one that is just right for you. Try all different variations till you find the one that is good for you.

Aeron also offers the PostureFit option which provides custom-fitted support at the lower back. This feature does not come with the chair, but has to be purchased separately.

I have heard people complain about the back being uncomfortable and not having enough cushion. I would recommend getting the right size chair for your body and adjusting everything including the seat height and tilt according to your needs. My back is happy and I find the mesh seat comfortable even after two years of use.

While it is expensive, Aeron lives up to its reputation as one of the best office chairs available. It is easy to assemble, and the controls become easier to use as you get used to them. Its durability offsets the expense, as you do not have to keep replacing your chair. Herman Miller offers a 12 year warranty on all parts.

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