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Furniture by the Room

Here are ideas on making good use of all your living space with just the right furniture. You will also find resources for multipurpose furniture, office furniture and storage as well.
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  2. Dining Room Furniture (9)
  3. Home Office Solutions (12)
  4. Living Room Furniture (9)
  5. Mattresses and Pillows (11)

Daybed Styles and Materials
Daybeds come in different styles and materials. Take a look.

Bedding Collections That Pamper

Yoga Furniture
Improve your yoga practice with the help of furniture and props.

Human Touch - Massage Chairs and Wellness Products
Human Touch is known for its massage chairs and proprietary technology.

The Spinnaker Chair
The Spinnaker Chair is a multipurpose Norwegian chair that draws its inspiration from a sail.

HGTV Dream Home 2011 with Ethan Allen Furniture
HGTV Dream Home 2011 with Ethan Allen Furniture.

Furniture for the Always Connected Lifestyle
Furniture for the always connected lifestyle was bound to happen. After all, our furniture is a reflection of how we live. In the last few years, as we have become increasingly reliant on high tech gadgetry, manufacturers have begun making furniture that addresses those needs. You now see bedroom furniture that offers storage for gadgets and...

Human Touch Massage Chairs and Recliners
Human Touch Acutouch 9500 and HT-Connect

5 Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs enhance your experience of a game through interactivity, audio features and even movement.

Some of these chairs may not be exactly inexpensive, so keep that in mind. But then, for a gaming enthusiast a suitable chair can provide an experience that puts them in the thick of a virtual world.

3 Modern Sleepers for Small Spaces, Apartments
Here are three modern sleepers to fit small spaces.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Reviews
Tempur-Pedic reviews are helpful in making you acquainted with the features of these mattresses. However, there is only one way to really determine whether Tempur-Pedic is the right mattress for you. That is to go and try one out, not just once, but a number of times until you feel you know the mattress well enough. Most Tempur-Pedic owners...

How to Buy a Glider
How to buy a glider or gliding chair.

How to Choose a TV Stand for Your Home Theater
Some pointers on how to choose a TV stand for your home theater or media room.

Furnishing a Media Room
Some ideas for furnishing your media room.

Hidden Storage in Furniture

Furniture with storage is multi-functional and lets you maximize your living space and lets you hide the clutter out of sight, and yet easily accessible.

Storage-friendly furniture is a great boon to those who live in small spaces, but it has its advantages in any kind of space.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces let you have the option of putting a fireplace in any room. They let you provide heat also, along with the ambience. But since they simulate fires with out actually having any flames, you do not need any vents or chimneys.

Electric fireplaces can be ideal for apartments, condos or vacation homes. Or add to your existing fireplaces by placing them in bedrooms, dens or…

Gel Fuel Fireplaces
Gel fuel fireplaces let you enjoy the magic of flickering flames without having to worry about smoke and ashes. If you do not already have a built-in fireplaces, you can have one in a hurry without much bother, expense or time investment. Gel fuel fireplaces can be installed in any room, some can even be installed on walls. You can use them...

The CUBE from Inada
Inada's CUBE is a massager for legs and feet.

Dorm Essentials
Since a comfortable and functional room helps your child have the best college experience possible, consider furnishing it with these dorm essentials. It is a good idea to sit down and draw up a list of everything your child may possibly need, and check with the college to see what will be provided.

3 Ashley Sofas

Ashley makes very affordable furniture, and these 3 Ashley sofas are no exception. That said, do not expect heirloom quality from Ashley. While its furniture is affordable, it isn't durable.

What Ashley Furniture has going for itself is easy availability, plenty of choice, and low prices. However, you cannot expec…

Buy a Sofa
Know what you are looking for before you buy a sofa. Find out how to determine what kind of sofa you need, and how to tell if it's good quality, and how much you should expect to pay.

Sleeper Sofas
A sleeper sofa can be a great addition to a den, or any place you need an extra bed.

Bocca and Kiss From Heller
The Bocca Sofa from the Studio 65 Series by Hellar has achieved cult status, and continues to be popular. The Kiss Sofa is a smaller version.

Pyper Chair from Norwalk's Candice Olson Collection
The Pyper Chair was designed by Candice Olson for Norwalk Furniture.

Calvin Chair and Ottoman by Candice Olson for Norwalk Furniture
Candice Olson designed the Calvin Chair for Norwalk Furniture. The wingback chair comes in many upholstery choices and you can purchase a matching ottoman to go with it.

RC Green Tuxedo Chair Half
Go green with the Tuxedo Chair Half from RC Green, a stylish addition to any room for lounging, relaxing or curling up with a book.

Profile ComfortTouch Recliner by LA-Z-Boy
With Profile ComfortTouch Recliner LA-Z-Boy brings personalized comfort to its customers.

Chaise A - The Tolix Cafe Chair
Some chairs have never outgrown their popularity, and this cafe chair from Tolix happens to be one of them.

3 Hans Wegner Chairs
Hans Wegner designed some of the most well known chairs in existence today. Here's an introduction to 3 of them.

Mirage Tower, a Sleek Addition to BDI Home Theater Furniture Line
BDI has added Mirage Tower to its home theater furniture line.

Customized, Hand Crafted Furniture from Vermont Woods Studios
Vermont Woods Studios is a small group of artisans who produce customized, hand-made furniture from sustainable sources.

Five Angle Adjustable Upright Trifold Chair
This is an adjustable floor chair that could be perfect for many activities, such as watching TV, playing video games, and even sleeping.

Kanson StorageTable
Kanson coffee table from Hammary provides space saving storage in a very creative way.

Decor - Budget Ideas for Every Room - Budget Decor for Every Room
Here are some decor budget ideas for every room from Pamela Cole Harris, About.com guide to Budget Decorating.

5 Essentials for a Guest Room
What are the absolute must haves for a guest room? Here are 5 essentials.

Feng Shui Bed Guidelines - What Makes a Good Feng Shui Bed
What makes a good feng shui bed? Find out with Rodicka Tchi as she gives you guidelines and solutions.

Indoor Safety Tips for Your Home
Stay safe inside your home with these safety tips.

Martha Stewart Craft Furniture - Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Furniture...
The Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Collection is designed for avid crafters who need special furniture for their crafting projects. Who better to address this need than Martha Stewart? This furniture is designed to mix and match, giving the crafter the choice to furnish just one corner or an entire room with pieces that mix and match. ...

Furnish a Living Space for Elderly Parents
Furnish a comfortable and safe living space for seniors.

kathy ireland Office Parent-Child Workstations from Bush
Kathy Ireland office parent-child workstations from Bush Furniture

Lounge Chairs from David Francis Furniture
Lounge Chairs from David Francis Furniture.

Dining Room Furniture Guide
This guide on dining room furniture is about furnishing a dining room that functions well. Once you have your dining room essentials in place you can keep changing the look by dressing it up or toning it down depending on the season or your mood. A good foundation is essential for furnishing any room in the home, not just a dining room....

How Wall Mounts Bring a Fresh Look to Your Media Room

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