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Furnishing a Small Space


Furnishing a small space can be a challenge, but one that can be handled with just a little planning and information. A small space can have the same functionality as a larger one, be every bit as comfortable, and can end up looking even more attractive.

1. Small Space Solutions from BoConcept

Photo (c) BoConcept

BoConcept has plenty of solutions for living in a smaller space. It offers streamlined multifunctional furniture to the consumer, and makes it that much easier to live in a clutter free, organized and streamlined setting.


2. Tips for Smarter Small Space Living

Photo (c) BoConcept

Planning and forethought set the ground for smarter small space living. The scale of your furniture, how well you hide your clutter, and the surfaces, colors and textures you use , end up contributing to the overall look.


3. Stylish Fixes for Small Spaces

Photo (c) BoConcept

If you have limited space in your home, it does not limit the number of options you have. It merely changes them. If you know what you need, there is always a way of getting there, it just might be something you did not think of right away. For instance, how about a tall bookcase instead of a wide one? Or a cabinet that's installed on the wall instead of the floor?


4. See Through Acrylic and Glass Furniture from CB2

Photo (c) CB2

See through furniture is a great way to visually open up your space. Acrylic and glass tables, shelving units and acrylic chairs let you "hide" your furniture, adding function while not seeming to take up too much space.

Invisible Furniture

5. How to Use Space in Decorating

Photo (c) BoConcept

Once you have defined space, it becomes much easier to work with it whether you live in a small dwelling or a larger one. Both present their own challenges, but once you learn how to evaluate, define and alter your space, your task becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Evaluate, Define, Alter

6. Furnishing Small Outdoor Spaces

Gardenella Slings, Telescope
Photo (c) Telescope

Furnishing even the tiniest outdoor space adds much needed room.

When you furnish your small garden, balcony or patio, keep in mind the same principles you would use for furnishing indoor small spaces. Three important rules to remember are:

  • Pare down to what you really need
  • Select furniture that performs double duty
  • Pay attention to scale

Chair backs,  table bases and pedestals that let you see through them are also great for smaller outdoor spaces. Choosing colors that blend with your outdoor spaces also helps.

Choose tables and chairs that fold for flexibility. Choosechairs that stack to save precious room. Both these options provide more control over your space by letting you use only the pieces you need at any given time.

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