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Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table


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Choose a Table Cloth
Marimekko Kumina Neutral Tablecloth, Crate and Barrel

Marimekko Kumina Neutral Tablecloth, Crate and Barrel

Photo (c) Crate and Barrel

Choose an attractive table cloth or table cover to provide the perfect setting for your food, dinnerware or accessories. Choose a color that will show them off to their best advantage.

If you are planning on having an elaborate centerpiece or patterned dinnerware, choose a solid color to prevent clashing patterns or an overly busy look. Select from different textures, smooth, silky, homespun, or woven, depending on what kind of effect you want to create.

If you are not planning on having elaborate centerpieces, or ornamental dinnerware, consider a patterned tablecloth such as this one from Crate and Barrel. Compare Prices

The Marimekko Kumina Tablecloth table cloth comes in many different sizes and the pattern shows leaves in fall colors. Also available in orange. Designed by Erja Hirvi, Kumina ("cumin") is inspired by an autumn vegetable garden.

You can always create your own tablecloths Free Directions to Sew a Custom Tablecloth
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