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Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table


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Your Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece
Spire Pillar Candelabra, Pottery Barn

Spire Pillar Candelabra, Pottery Barn

Photo (c) Pottery Barn

You want your Thanksgiving table to look its best if you are having family over. It is not difficult to have a spectacular table, because the colors of a Thanksgiving meal are gorgeous to look at. When you set a table that complements and shows off those colors and textures, you have a resplendent feast that not only tastes good, but looks good, too.

Fall colors and textures are some of the most beautiful, so take advantage of them. Introduce some elements from nature, such as leaves or twigs. Nuts, vegetables and fruits can be used for centerpieces, and candles along with metal objects add flashes and glints of light.

This candelabra from Pottery Barn becomes a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table with gourds, smaller votive candles and twigs bunched around it.

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