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Using Ikat in Home Decor


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What is Ikat?
Jiti Ikat Ebony Pillow

Jiti Ikat Ebony Pillow

Photo (c) Jiti Designs

Ikat is not a new technique, by any means, and has been a part of cultural heritage in many different part of the world for centuries.

The technique consists of creating patterns on woven fabric in which the yarn is tie-dyed before weaving. Indonesia produces some of the world's finest ikat, but it is also produced in other parts of the world, including Central Asia and South America.

Weaving styles and patterns from across the world often have strong ethnic, tribal or ritual meanings in different cultures.

Ikat is being used in different colors and patterns on many furnishings and accessories for the home. A great variety of fibers is being used, ranging from silk to polyester.

Ikat was used to great effect in the HGTV Dream Home 2012 for wall art and accents.

Above is a detail from the Jiti Ikat Ebony Pillow, manufactured in the USA from 100% polyester. Jiti is a Los Angeles, California based company.

HGTV DReam Home 2012
Definition of Ikat

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