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Light Wood Finishes


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A Natural Look for Wood
Scroll Nesting Tables from the Rhapsody Collection

Scroll Nesting Tables from the Rhapsody Collection

Photo (c) Hooker

A light finish on wood creates a completely different look from rich, heavy finishes. Which is not to say that all light finishes look the same.There is a tremendous amount of variety within that tonal range, and the same finish can look entirely different on different styles of furniture.

A light finish can be a limed finish, or have white graining, or veer towards other colors such as gray. It can be antiqued, or bleached, or just a transparent finish for a light colored wood.

In this case a raw wood look finish has been used. It is rustic, even suggestive of an old barn door. These nested tables from Hooker's Rhapsody Collection feature a recurring classical scroll motif, which gives these tables a simple, yet refined look.

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