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Patriotic Home Decor
Flag Chest from French Heritage

Flag Chest from French Heritage

Photo (c) French Heritage

Stars and stripes, and red, white and blue all combine to create great patriotic furniture and accents for the home that can be displayed year round. There is no reason to confine patriotism to just a couple of days a year.

The American flag in all different manifestations continues to be a source of inspiration for much of home furnishings with a patriotic flavor. It can be in the form of the colors, red, white and blue, stars and stripes together, or simply the use of these elements as a starting point for inspiration.

The Betsy Ross flag has inspired a lot of home decor as much as the present day version. This chest from French Heritage pays homage to that first flag and brings it to the Louis XV inspired chest.

Furnishing a Home with Americana
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