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Re-purposing Furniture

Finding New Uses for Old Furniture


Repurposing furniture may sound like a complicated process, but it is nothing more than finding completely new uses for an existing piece of furniture. Modify it to suit your needs or preferences if you want - designers do this all the time to create a unique look or emphasize a client's personal style. What's to prevent you from re-purposing your own furniture?

We assign names or labels to every piece of furniture, letting the assigned name determine its function. But a nightstand does not necessarily belong in the bedroom, and if you focus on your needs rather than a piece's traditional function, you could easily find more uses for it. Besides, re-purposing is the best way to establish your very own style.

Re-purposing furniture lets you give your existing pieces of furniture a new, maybe more exciting life, or buy used furniture and make it new. Let us look at some pieces of furniture that can be re-purposed easily.


The easiest piece of furniture to re-purpose is a dresser. You can change the look by painting it, using new hardware, or dressing up the top with a slab of marble or granite, or even tiles.

  • Use a dresser in a bathroom for keeping towels and supplies.
  • Move it to the kitchen, to store pots and pans, chopping boards, or anything that needs to be stashed away.
  • Take the dresser outside. Store your potting supplies in it, and the top can provide a surface for potting plants if the dresser is the right height.


  • Convert a smaller dining table into a large coffee table by sawing off or changing the legs.
  • Leaves from a table can be used as shelves.
  • Use doors as table tops.
  • Use a tabletop on a wall as a piece of art by painting or distressing the surface.
  • TV Armoires:

    TV armoires have fallen out of favor with the advent of flat screen TVs, but you can easily put them to other uses.

  • Turn an armoire into toy storage for children.
  • Change the doors, add a little glass in the back and you have a new wine cabinet.
  • Use it as a linen cabinet.
  • Turn an armoire into a home office center. It has enough room to hold your peripherals, printer paper and other office supplies.
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