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Tips for Smarter Small Space Living


Tips for Smarter Small Space Living

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Your Small Space:

A smaller space does not equal a lack of space, and smarter small space living simply implies that you learn to furnish differently. A cramped and cluttered look is not a given but the result of poor planning, or maybe no planning at all. Smarter small space living demands some forethought and planning and these tips might help with that process.


Clutter is the bane of small space living, so consider giving away or recycling stuff you do not need. For the rest you need to prioritize. Hidden storage can be your best option. Things that you do not need very often can be stored away, and things that you do need often should find a convenient storage space spot that is easily accessible.

Have a Floor Plan:

Remember that space is valuable so do not place furniture haphazardly. Plan a room so there is enough room to move around freely. When you can see the floor, your space will look larger.

Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme:

Variations on a single color will make the place seem bigger, and chopping it up into different color areas will have the opposite effect. Create interest by choosing colors within the same color family, tone-on-tone upholstery fabrics and textured wall finishes. Coordinating furniture and wall color will make the space seem expansive.

Use See-Through and Reflective Surfaces:

A see through object lets you see right through it giving the effect of making the space seem bigger. Lucite or glass tables can serve that purpose nicely. Reflective surface such as mirrors or metal also make a room look larger. A large mirror on the wall or an over-sized framed mirror against one will have the effect of opening up the space and reflect light. Mirrored furniture can have that effect as well.

Light the Way:

Light, whether natural or artificial has the effect of opening up space. Heavy drapes in a small space as they can overpower it and stifle any light from the windows, so choose lighter fabric. Recessed lighting and strategically placed lamps will open up the space and create a visual flow.

Go Small:

Use furniture that is smaller scaled so that you don’t overwhelm the room. Use smaller occasional tables instead of a big coffee table. Use a chair and a half instead of a loveseat. Get a sofa or a recliner with a smaller profile.

Go Big:

You also have the option of using only a few, well chosen larger, pieces of furniture or accessories instead of several small pieces. Streamlined large pieces can make the space look big, too. They can serve to visually anchor the space, instead of letting too many smaller pieces float around.

Use Multifunctional Furniture:

Multifunctional furniture is a small space’s best friend. It has been around forever, but today it is even better designed and more attuned to the way we live. Consider getting furniture that gives you more flexibility. A sofa bed offers an instant guestroom. A storage bed lets you put away seasonal clothing or extra bedding.

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