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How to Use Color Trends in Furnishing a Home

Introducing Color Through Paint, Furniture and Accents


Deco Pillow - Company C

Deco Pillow in 100% Cotton Velvet- Company C

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Color makes a place come alive, and using latest color trends to update or furnish a home can bring outstanding results. It is easy to see why. Change to fresh, new colors for walls, flooring, furniture or accessories, and you have a completely new space.

There is just one problem with following new trends, and that is, eventually they become less, shall we say, trendy. What do you do then, and how do you incorporate the newer trends? It is obviously very expensive and impractical to keep changing everything as trends and fashions continue change over time. There are workarounds.

Pick Only Color Trends That Appeal to You

This is the first rule to remember when you think about incorporating new color trends. Use them only if they appeal to you and make you happy. You should never be a slave to any fashion, despite its popularity.

You will probably not want to change out colors all the time if you are happy with your present color scheme, and you have chosen colors that resonate with you. But from time to time you will feel the need to change how a room looks, as it can start looking tired.

Pick a Shade You Like

When you do feel the urge to introduce a trendy new color, simply consider picking a shade you like. A hot color is only hot if it appeals to you. Pick a variation or shade close to it if that color is more appealing for you. Just a bit darker, lighter, or with warmer or cooler undertones may end up being a better choice for you and your surroundings.

Don't Buy Large Furniture Pieces in a Trendy Color

As a general rule, you would want to stay away from trendy colors for larger pieces of furniture. Trends come and go, but you can easily expect a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, to stay for years.

This rule may certainly be broken if you find the latest color of the moment appealing. However, when and if that happens, you are in luck, because you will be able to find a greater variety of styles and materials in that color, and be ultimately able to buy something you truly like.

Use Trendy Colors in Accents and Decor

A color trend can be introduced in a room in the form of accents such as trays, vases, mirror frames or even candles. But remember to put away objects that clash with your new color scheme. Too many colors in one room make it look unattractive, besides you will not be able to show off your new color if other colors are also clamoring for attention.

Find Wall Art That Reflects Your New Color Choice

Change wall art out from time to time to keep your room looking fresh, and to reflect your current favorite colors. Paintings, posters and prints can all help you play up a color. Just make sure that they also tie in with the other existing colors in your room along with the new color.

Explore the Potential in Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws are a great way to introduce a new color into your room. There is no need to go with solids alone, but weaves, patterns and embroidery that feature your color choice are a great way to bring in new colors.

Incorporate Color Trends Through Paint

Paint is one of the easiest ways to incorporate new colors into your home, and relatively more inexpensive. Even one wall can dramatically change the look of a room, and if you don't like the result you can always repaint. Paint can also be used to spruce up flea market finds and old furniture.

Don't Forget the Power of "Connector Colors"

These colors help bridge two colors together, and may help you introduce new colors without breaking up a sense of harmony. 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, is one such color. Explore neutrals that can also help bridge the gap between two colors, or make a trendy color pop.

Don't Just Focus on the Living Room

A look around your home will show you plenty of areas that can benefit from bringing in a fresh new color. A bedroom can get a makeover just from changing out the bedspread.

A dining room can be dressed up with a tablecloth in your favorite new color, or have the color displayed in tableware. Kitchen accessories and small appliances in a hot new color can give it instant life. Bathrooms can benefit from a new color for towels and other accessories.

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