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Creating a Sexy Bedroom

Designer Blanche Garcia Offers Tips


Bungalow Collection Bedroom - Stanley Furniture

Bungalow Collection Bedroom - Stanley Furniture

Photo (c) Stanley Furniture

A bedroom is quite possibly the most important room of your home. After all, this is where you go to relax, recover and re-charge at the end of a busy day. But don't forget the most important R word: romance.

A sexier, more romantic and appealing bedroom is the way to go, says Blanche Garcia, interior designer of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel, and owner of B. garcia designs, answered some questions to help you create just that.

You may also have caught her on such TV shows as Design Star, MTV CRibs, The Better Show, DayTime and House Smarts, or seen her featured in numerous publications.

Drawing upon her degree in Interior Design, and over 16 years of designing for a varied clientele ranging from professional athletes to corporations, she offered us plenty of easy to implement tips.

For instance, it turns out indulging your sense of touch by picking out soft bed sheets and other comforting textures is more important than picking a color for the bedroom, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Also, keep reading to discover what you can do to overcome a tight budget. Anyone can have a bedroom that is both romantic and relaxing.

But without much further ado, here's the Q&A with Blanche Garcia:

Q: Which are the most important elements that help create a sexy bedroom? What would you consider to be the most important element?

A: The most important elements to a sexy bedroom are soft and high thread count sheets, dimmers on all the lights for adjustment, candles, soft area rugs and silk window panels.

The most important would be soft sheets. Once you get into bed the room fades away, so soft sheets are a must.

Q: What kind of lighting is best for a bedroom?

A: Layers of lighting with adjustable dimmers give the sexiest light. You want to be able to lower the lights to a glow when needed.

Also, a few lights are best when you need to change it up. Let's say you turn off the lights on the night stands. It's a great idea to have a floor lamp or sconces across the room. Also, if the light has a little bling factor such as a few crystals, it will make any room sparkle.

Q: What kind of textures are best for a bedroom?

A: Never let the texture of a room escape you. Throws in cashmere, window treatments and sheets in silk, and soft chairs in velvets all come together to create an amazing feeling.

In a bedroom, it's more important to get the textures right than the colors. Touch is a sense that overrides just about all of the others.

Q: Does a layered look help? How do you achieve that?

A: A layered look is great when you want to feel at home and comfortable in your space-- not like you bought everything from the same store.

Buy a few key pieces that will be classic and last over time. These should be your larger ticket items. The bedding and window treatments should be luxurious, but comfortable, and a great place to add color and texture. Never forget to add yourself into the mix with personal items that make the room a reflection of who you are.

Q: Are rugs important in a bedroom? What kind of rugs do you need?

A: Rugs are just as important as the bedding. Go for silk if it's in the budget. If the price tag is too high then viscous is the poor man’s silk. It feels just like the real thing. Make sure you can step onto carpet as soon as you get out of bed.

Q: What are the best colors to use?

A: Colors can be subjective, but you want to aim for romantic-- not high energy.

Where you may think reds are passionate, they are great for a few minutes until you need to go to sleep, so steer clear and opt for rosy taupes, soft grays, and dreamy blues.

Q: What should you do when you are on a tight budget? Where should you splurge, and where can you save?

A: When in doubt and it's a choice between all of the above, go for bedding, candles, light dimmers, and wall colors. All of these can be purchased for under $200 but you'll feel like a million bucks.

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