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How Pinterest Can Help You Decorate and Furnish Your Home


Pinterest Board

Pinterest Board


By now Pinterest has become a well known phenomenon. Interestingly enough, home decor is the most popular category of all when you check out the boards. When you browse Pinterest boards you will also find that there is a huge number of DIY projects.

Pinterest can help you in choosing furniture and decor for your home. It can also help you find instructions for decorating projects that you want to tackle yourself. So it comes as no surprise that it is a great tool to help you decorate and furnish your home.

Pinterest Basics

You will have to sign up and create an account before you start using Pinterest, so you can begin to collect and organize all those beautiful images you come across when you browse the web. It is not unusual for users to use Pinterest to plan events such as weddings, special birthdays or anniversaries. Avid cooks share recipes and images of their productions. Artists show off their masterpieces. Unsurprisingly a large number, about 11% of all users, use it for home decoration ideas.

After you organize your pinboards, you share them with others, and browse other people's pinboards for ideas and inspiration. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Just as you may like or pin images from other users' pinboards, others may do the same with yours. And this is how ideas and images constantly keep finding new audiences. No surprise that this feature also makes it a great marketing tool.

Creating Boards

Pinterest users create virtual pinboards to organize images. A board is made up of a set of pins. When you create a board, pick a topic for it to organize the images. For instance, I created one for "Furniture" and plan to keep adding interesting pieces as I find them. A board can be created on any topic that interests you, and you can keep adding as many pins to a board as you want.

Pinning Images

To pin an image you can either upload from your computer or use the Pinterest button to pin it from the web. You can get the Pinterest button from the website.

Develop a Following:

Get other users to follow you by creating boards, frequent pins, engaging in conversations with other users on their boards, and also following others

Keep it Private

You can prevent your boards or images from showing up in Google searches, and you can create secret boards. Find instructions here on creating secret Pinterest boards.

How Pinterest Helps You Furnish and Decorate

Pinterest is a great resource for coming up with your own plan for furnishing a home.
  • Browse Boards: Browse Pinterest boards, not only from people you know, but also look at what different manufacturers, designers and merchants have pinned. You may come across one of a kind pieces, as well as finding what is new, cutting edge, and the latest furniture fashions.
  • Gather Inspiration: As you browse the internet, or other Pinterest boards you can gather inspiration for your own decorating projects. Take a look at designer's boards to see their decorating solutions. Keep pinning images that you like, explore ideas that appeal to you, and save it all in an organic way. Everything can be neatly organized when you name your boards. That way you can go back and check back on everything when you are ready to decide.
  • Define Your Style: As you keep finding and pinning images, you will get a greater sense of what really appeals to you. You can get that sense from noticing certain elements that keep showing up again and again. You will notice a pattern with colors, finishes, patterns and styles that appeal to you.
  • Check Out DIY Boards: If DIY projects appeal to you, collect DIY pins. There's a multitude of really great ones with detailed instructions and step by step photos. You can basically learn how to make anything from scratch, use different refinishing techniques or re-purpose what you already have. Share your own projects with your followers.
  • Get Opinions: As you create boards from pins relevant to your project, you can get opinions from your friends by sharing your pins. If your board is public, even strangers will comment, like or re-pin especially nice ideas and images. Make sure to do this in the early stages, so you can sort through them and go with what you find appealing.
  • Share Your Progress: As you embark on your projects, share the progress on other social media such as Facebook and Twitter, or link to your own blog.

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