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Under-Bed Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms


Utilizing the under bed space is one of the solutions for storage in a kids room. Each square inch is precious and it does not make sense to waste this space.

One advantage of having under-bed storage is that it is easily accessible to the child. They can pull these storage bins out on their own and learn how to store their toys and other belongings. While it can also be used for blankets and bedsheets, this storage space can just as easily be used for all kinds of other items including toys, supplies or other belongings.

While drawers come to mind, and many children's beds have the option to add them with your purchase, there are many different solutions too like nylon bins with zippers, roll out containers in wood or plastic and baskets.

The only rule to remember is that it is important to free up the floor space while taking care of the clutter.

1. Under Bed Storage 3-piece set with Baskets

Under Bed Storage 3-piece set with Baskets
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Sophisticated enough to be used under a grown up's bed, this 3 piece set is also useful. Made from handwoven water hyacinth and wooden frames, the set consists of one large basket and two smaller ones.

The baskets can be used separately or used with two grouped together within the larger one which measures 30" X 15.75" X 7”H.

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2. Set of 2 Under Bed Storage Drawers

Set of 2 Under Bed Storage Drawers - Rolling Organizers
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These drawers on casters are great for under bed storage. However when purchasing any drawers for an existing bed, always make sure to measure and see if they will fit. Take into account the height of casters if they are included. Bed frames are not always the same.

Made in U.S.A. from 100% Solid Kiln Dried Hardwood. Each drawer measures 36"W x20"D x10"H and has 4 wheels underneath.

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3. Home Decorators Collection Storage White Wire Underbed Cart

Home Decorators Collection Storage White Wire Underbed Cart
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The White Wire Underbed Cart is a solution for under bed storage. It has a sturdy wire frame that's finished in white. It sits on easy-roll casters and the low profile makes it easy to slide under a bed.

This is an inexpensive solution and will fit under most beds. The wire frame lets you see what is inside, and may be somewhat of a disadvantage if dust is a problem, but it is great for objects that are in frequent use, such as toys.

Dimensions: 6.5"Hx24"W.

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4. IKEA Skubb Black Underbed Storage Case

IKEA Skubb Black Underbed Storage Case
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

These two storage cases offer convenient under bed storage and can be folded and put away when not in use.The cases have zippered closure to protect against dust, and one side has handles to make it easier to pull them out. These cases can be useful in the dorm as well offering under bed or closet storage.

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5. HOMZ Rolling Underbed Storage with Chalkboard

HOMZ Rolling Underbed Storage with Chalkboard
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Wheels make it easier to pull stuff out from under the bed, and these storage bins come equipped with them. In addition to that these are sturdy bins, made out of wood and can hold up to 30lbs. A chalkboard panel allows for easy labeling.

Dimensions: 7" H x 34.2" L x 14.5" W.

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6. Circo Underbed Storage

Circo Underbed Storage
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

Perfect, inexpensive under bed storage for a child's room, the Circo storage box is also available in other colors.The nylon container is compact in size and can slide out from under the bed for easy access. You may need several of these, and it is a useful container for underbed or closet shelf storage.

Dimensions: 6.8 " H x 12.9 " W x 16.5 " L

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7. Sterilite Plastic Clear Wheeled Under-Bed Latch Boxes

Sterilite 67 Qt. Plastic Clear Wheeled Under-Bed Latch Boxes
Photo (c) PriceGrabber

You have probably Sterilite plastic boxes for all kinds of storage needs. This underbed storage solution has a 60 quart storage capability.

The box comes with a hinged lid that closes with latches, and sits on wheels that make access easier for children. Depending on the size of the bed, you can use use multiple boxes for storage.

Dimensions: 39.5/8" L x 20-1/4" W x 7" H.

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8. KUSINER Underbed Storage Box

KUSINER Underbed Storage Box
Photo (c) IKEA

The KUSINER underbed storage box is colorful underbed storage for the younger child. Made out of 100% Polyester the box is light and easy to handle. When not in use it can be folded and put away.

Dimensions: 22 7/8"D x 22 7/8 "W x 6 1/4 "H.

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