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Selecting the Best Upholstery for Cat and Dog Owners

What Is the Best Sofa Fabric When You Own Pets?


Selecting the best upholstery when you own cats or dogs can be a little complicated. While you may have your own preferences, you know that your prized sofa is at the mercy of your beloved cat or dog. Even when not trying to destroy your upholstery willfully, simply by climbing, sitting or walking on it your pet can exact a heavy toll. As a cat owner I can certainly attest to that. Here are some problems you might have to contend with:

  • Claw marks and scratches.
  • Pet hair clinging to the upholstery.
  • Dirt marks.

    While you should consider training your pet to behave, as Franny Syufy your guide to cats shows here, why not also make it easier on yourself by selecting upholstery that is more pet-friendly? Here are two choices that have worked well in my experience.


    Leather can stand up to most pets. I've even noticed that some pets don't care too much for sitting or sleeping on it. Even when they do climb on it, it is easily cleaned and pet hair doesn't cling to it. Your pet might leave holes in it but they are usually not very noticeable.


    Microfiber, a synthetic fabric, is also a good choice, simply because it is easy to maintain and wears well. Your cat's claws won't get caught in it, as there are no loops in the fabric. Microfiber is also easy to clean for stains, and is not a hair magnet.

    A patterned fabric might work better than a solid, but I would not recommend buying any fabric that is nubby or heavily textured, as your pet's claws can easily get caught in it. Besides, it might be too much fun to scratch. Avoid fragile fabrics, such as silk, wool or linen.

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