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Before You Buy a Sleeper Sofa


Call it a sleeper sofa, or sofa bed, this is one of the most functional pieces of furniture. If you have space limitations, having a sleeper in your living room rather than a sofa might be the way to go. It lets you turn any room into a guest room.

While its functionality is never a question, there are several other factors you need to consider before you set out to buy one. As with any piece of furniture consider your needs, especially whether it will be primarily used as a bed or seating.

There are many manufacturers offering sofa beds, and you will notice great differences in quality and pricing. Needless to say, buy the best quality you can afford, and you may also find that higher priced sleepers are better made.

Do You Have Space Restrictions?

If you have space restrictions then Twin size sofa beds might be the perfect answer for you as these are less than 5 feet wide and they are great for sleeping one person. The mattress for a twin size sleeper sofa is about 39" wide.

Opened up, the length can be around 54 inches wide and 85 inches long. They are sometimes referred to as chair and a half beds or chair beds also. Don't expect them to be any cheaper because of the size. They are not bought for affordability, but people usually buy them because of space restrictions.

Do You Need More Room to Stretch?

If you are going to be sleeping on it yourself, a full size sleeper sofa is what you need even with space restrictions. An adult might find a twin-sized sleeper too small, and in a pinch it can even sleep two.

For sitting, its size is between a sofa and a love seat, so it is still a good option for smaller spaces and apartments. You will find that a full size sleeper is generally 72 inches wide, and approximately 90 inches long when fully opened.

When Space is Not an Issue

When space is not an issue then you are in luck, as a queen size sleeper sofa is the most widely available kind.

A queen size sleeper sofa can comfortably seat three, and can provide a comfortable bed for two people. It will measure approximately 84 inches wide and 90 inches long when opened up.

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