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Before you You Furnish: Learning to Furnish Fearlessly


Learning to furnish fearlessly is not about rushing headlong into rash furniture purchases or making decorating choices you will later regret. You are fearless when you know how to deal with:

  • Not knowing what you like
  • Not knowing what you need
  • Being intimidated by limitations, either budgetary or too small a space

Indecision leads to an overly-cluttered home filled with makeshift furniture, or a home that is devoid of furniture.

Nobody talks much about the fear of buying furniture. After all it is not like other fears such as the fear of flying, for instance, that keep us from living a fuller life. But think about it, the fear of buying furniture is a fear of commitment that can lead to living a less comfortable life. It doesn't have to be this way.

How Knowing Yourself Helps With Buying Furniture

We are not talking expensive therapy here, but knowing yourself can help you buy furniture. It is about determining what you need to live in your home the way you want to live.

A good place to start is to focus on who lives there, what interests them, and how they spend their time when home.

The next important thing to consider is style. We all have a certain style that makes us happy, and at least one that does not. The important thing is not to focus too much on the flavor of the day, but what really resonates with you to create your own timeless style. Listen to yourself.

Why Size Matters When Buying Furniture

Size is something you must keep in mind to make the right furnishing decisions. And making just a couple of right decisions is enough to dispel any fear.

Start with the size of your room to determine the size of your furniture. Taking measurements of your room and referring to them will help you every time you shop for furniture. You should also be aware that you need to create pathways in between your furniture pieces for good traffic flow.

Along with the size of your home, also consider your own size when shopping for furniture to find the perfect fit. Check for seat height and depth for the right comfort level.

What to Do When Space is a Problem

Every living space poses a challenge whether it is too small or too large. But space doesn't have to confine you in your furniture choices.

Smaller spaces can benefit from furniture that is scaled to fit, or just a few well chosen large pieces. Larger spaces also need furniture that is scaled to fit. You may also need to divide that space effectively.

Knowing how to measure your space comes in handy.

Color, texture and the material you choose for your furniture can also help you define your space the way you want it. For instance, reflective material such as chrome or glass can open up a small space.

How to Overcome the Confines of a Low Budget

A low budget can get in the way of what you want to buy because of what you can actually afford.

To be a fearless furniture buyer you should learn not to be daunted, but come up with a different strategy. As I mentioned earlier, know your needs and style.

Additionally, learn to shop at sales, visit thrift stores, consignment stores and flea markets, go to auctions and clearance centers, and learn to refurbish and re-purpose furniture. There is always a way to find just the right furniture for you.

Among the many advantages to buying used furniture is the fact that it is green and highly customizable.

Mix affordable furniture with a well chosen piece that you want to splurge on, and don't try to buy everything all at once.

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