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How to Judge a Sofa for Quality - Frame

Know What's Inside Your Sofa


Have you ever wondered how to judge a sofa for quality? Quality goes deeper than looks, and that is why two identical looking sofas can vary so much in price. The secret is in what lies inside.

The frame, seating support and the filling all determine your sofa’s level of comfort, and its ability to retain its shape and stability in the years to come. Here are some tips to help you judge a sofa for quality.


How long a sofa will last, and retain its shape depends largely on the frame, and a high quality sofa will always have a strong, sturdy one.

  • The best frame is made out of kiln-dried hardwood. The process of kiln drying removes all moisture from the wood, enabling it to retain its shape and stability over a long period of time. A frame made of green wood can shrink or crack. Knotted wood can also cause cracks.
  • In a good quality frame, special attention is paid to the joints, which are glued, dowelled and screwed. The corners are further strengthened by the addition of reinforcing blocks. These provide extra support.
  • Generally plywood and particleboard frames are inferior, especially if they are held together with staples. However, additional layers of plywood may help reinforce the frame, so construction matters as much as material. In case you have to choose a sofa with a plywood frame, make sure it has 11- 13 layers of plywood and not fewer.
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